Ezdirect, solutions for Unified Communication

Ezdirect, solutions for Unified Communication
If there is a direction in which any company, of any size, has the duty to go to the end of this year of great transformations, this direction is that of Unified Communication. It is not an end, but a means: this is the main road that can enable a whole series of elements that these months of difficulty have made imperative for any business that wants to stay on the market. Ezdirect solutions, which for over two decades have gained experience on this front, are therefore today an asset made in Italy that any company can easily draw on.

Ezdirect Unified Communication

It doesn't matter what goal the company has to achieve, what kind of organization it has or what experience it comes from: Ezdirect has solutions of all kinds to make sure that Unified Communication can be a philosophy to be adopted in every company and can be tailored any context.

Unified Communication means any type of communication that a company can initiate, both internally and externally, to and from offices, offices, customers, partners, suppliers or any other actor that can interact in the business dynamics in fa if planning, implementation, sales or assistance. The best way to achieve all this is to avoid a multiplication of channels, but instead to integrate everything into an intelligent system made up of ad hoc instrumentation to best respond to every type of emerging need.

Office tools and Ezdirect call center

Ezdirect brings together all this offer to open up a shelf full of opportunities for the company. Some examples:

Consultancy, installation assistance by the customer or retailer, on-site installation and after-sales assistance throughout Italy; Sending products in demo (Try & Buy); "On premise" and "cloud" telephone switchboards; Audio conference (from the bluetooth speakerphone to the boardroom system); Videoconferencing, professional cameras, integrated systems for Zoom, Teams, Meet etc; Cloud for videoconferencing (distance learning and webinar) with H323, Teams connectors; Headphones (usb, for telephone, bluetooth, multipurpose, anti-noise); Fixed and cordless analog, digital and VoIP telephones, multi-cell DECT systems; “Mobile” signal repeaters; GSM gateway; VoIP gateway; IP video door phones (body temperature control, mask presence and home automation integration); Radio guides and audio guides for guided tours. The picture, in short, is extremely vast: it ranges from software to hardware, from "on premise" solutions to the cloud horizon, but above all there is a team of technicians available and decades of experience that can shape the best solution for everyone, tailor-made.

The value of experience

Ezdirect currently follows 50,000 customers in Italy (among many: AS Roma, Polizia di Stato, Carabinieri, Medici Senza Frontiere) and 5,000 abroad, with certified reviews and - unique in Italy - a "100% satisfaction or refund" guarantee on every single personalized quote provided. The goal is in fact to create a virtuous relationship with the company, ensuring that the communicative architecture can satisfy all needs and can adapt over time following growth and changes.

The assistance therefore becomes central: a ticket system allows immediate answers to any problem and 10 dedicated consultants are always available for retailers and large companies. Ezdirect therefore proposes to follow the corporate communication system in every phase, from design to after-sales, so as to be able to put the stamp of its experience on extremely delicate aspects in which the goodness of the project can become an abnormal added value for the company that relies on you.

Ezdirect: all the services for Unified Communication

Videoconferencing? Communications with your employees remotely? Switchboards? Internal communication? Customer support? When the system is duly integrated and well designed, the tool is the same: a Unified Communication network. Never as in this historical moment, with working more and more remotely and companies less and less focused on the traditional concept of office, the concept of communication has become central to the way of being and acting. Ezdirect wants to be an enabling element that, thanks to its transversal communication solutions, allows the company to forget the "how" in order to focus on its mission.

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