Christopher Nolan's Batman from tonight on Italia 1

Christopher Nolan's Batman from tonight on Italia 1
They will be Christmas holidays under the banner of the DC on Mediaset. It starts with a marathon dedicated to the best superhero trilogy ever: that of Batman created by Christopher Nolan.

The first note is set for this evening 13 December at about 9.15 pm on Italia 1 with Batman Begins from 2005.

It continues on Sunday 20 December, again at 9.15 pm on Italia 1, with the masterpiece Il Dark Knight of 2008 embellished with the seminal interpretation of the late Heath Ledger.

The marathon will then end on Sunday 27 December, again at 9.15 pm on Italia 1, with The Dark Knight - The Return of 2021.

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Batman Begins

In 2003 Warner Bros. hired Christopher Nolan to direct a new Batman movie, while David S. Goyer signed a contract to write the screenplay for the film. With a career on the rise after the exploits of his first films Memento and Insomnia, the major initially contacted Nolan to entrust him with the direction of the blockbuster Troy, but the director declined the offer and instead proposed his idea for the relaunch of the film franchise. of Batman in a modern and more realistic key.

Here is the plot:

After the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne decides to go around the world in search of the most sophisticated tools to fight injustices and those who terrorize the world. Back in Gotham City, he begins to take on the role of his alter ego: the masked hero Batman who uses strength, intelligence and every other means available to fight the forces of evil that threaten the city…

The Dark Knight

The production of The Dark Knight was officially announced by Warner. Bros on July 31, 2006 and the budget allocated was 185 million dollars. Pre-production began in June of the same year, while filming began on April 18, 2007 thanks also to a collaboration between Christopher and his brother Jonathan. Some action scenes saw the use, for the first time, of IMAX cameras, at the time an experimental technology that made shooting more immersive and engaging.

Here is the plot:

Sequel to the smash hit action movie Batman Begins. Batman ups the ante in his battle against crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman wants to eradicate the latest criminal organizations that plague the streets of the city. The group proves very effective but the three soon turn into the prey of the kingdom of chaos created by the dangerous criminal known to the terrified citizens of Gotham City: Joker.

The Dark Knight - The Return

Nolan drew inspiration from the comic book Bane's Revenge and the subsequent 1993 arc Knightfall, from the series The Return of the Knight Dark and No-Man's Land from 1999. Filming took place in cities such as Jodhpur, London, Nottingham, Glasgow, Los Angeles, New York, Newark, and Pittsburgh. Nolan used IMAX technology with 70mm cameras for most of the footage, including the first six minutes of the film, to optimize image quality. As with The Dark Knight, the film was preceded by a major viral marketing campaign early in production.

It's been eight years since Batman disappeared in the night, transformed from hero to fugitive, with reputation defender of the law stained by the death of the DA Harvey Dent. However, the appearance of a mysterious and shrewd "cat thief", but above all the dangerous destructive plans implemented by the evil terrorist Bane, will force Bruce to return from self-imposed exile and put on a hood and cloak again to help the city and the forces of police in their fight against the fearsome criminal. However, Batman's intervention may not be enough to stop Bane ...

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