Best Full-HD TVs for console gaming | December 2020

Best Full-HD TVs for console gaming | December 2020
With the arrival of the new consoles, many players - especially those who haven't switched for many years - are replacing, or are planning to do so, their TVs. This choice, however, is absolutely linked to the console that each of you is planning to buy: if in fact you are aiming at the purchase of Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, in your case you will certainly be oriented towards 4K HDR and HDMI 2.1 models, so as to take advantage of every single drop of your favorite gaming systems; but if instead you are aiming for the less expensive Xbox Series S or you have no intention of detaching yourself from your current consoles, at this point you might as well aim for a good Full-HD TV, in order to save money and enjoy a correct picture quality, since 4K TVs are, yes, equipped with excellent upscaling algorithms, but a 1: 1 rendering is still a 1: 1 rendering.

So make yourself comfortable and discover with us which are the best Full TV -HD of the moment!

The best Full-HD TVs

LG 43LM6300PLA

LG 43LM6300PLA is an excellent Full-HD TV full of features worthy of mention. First of all, it is a Smart model, so you will find many applications inside and you can download new ones, just like it happens on current 4K and HDR Smart TVs. It is also equipped with an audio system called Virtual Surround Plus which is capable of giving the illusion of spatiality, that is, of simulating multiple directions, giving that feeling of audio that comes out of the screen. Before moving on to image quality, let's also talk about its aesthetics: its thin frame and, in general, its extreme elegance immediately catch the eye, making it a model suitable for the living room.

Surely, especially for those used to the latest generation of TVs, it is not easy to step back and try a TV of this type, but its specifications are truly amazing. The biggest renunciation is perhaps the LCD technology that underlies everything, this is because older LCD TVs, unlike the new generation models with support for local dimming, have a black rendering that tends to be a little too gray. Fortunately, however, we are faced with an IPS and HDR 10 panel, so at least the colors are very satisfying.

So if you are looking for a TV that can make the most of your Xbox Series S and you don't want to be satisfied of a 4K TV with upscaling, so you can enjoy a native signal, this TV is for you.

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Samsung The Frame QE32LS03TBK

Looking at this TV, it's impossible not to start with its incredibly atypical design. In fact, at a quick glance, more than a TV it looks like a painting to be exhibited in the living room, especially if it does not have the two legs that hold it upright.

Once again we are talking about a Smart model, while as regards the panel quality we move to QLEDs, a technology very dear to Samsung and born with the same principles as OLED panels, although the results are different. The resolution is obviously Full-HD, that is 1920x1080p, with the maximum aspect ratio locked at 16: 9. HDR technology is not missing either, with full support for the HDR10 + and HLG standard; the yield of contrasts is less valid, but thanks to settings such as Mega Contrast or Samsung Contrast Enhancer it is also possible to improve this value.

Its price is around 499 euros, and also in this case it is a good choice to combine with the next Xbox Series S or the current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Sony KDL-43WF665

For some years now Sony TVs have always had an eye towards gaming, especially towards PlayStation. Although not in fact a model of the latest hair, it is marked by the company as "suitable for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro", consequently it is also for Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Series S.

The image quality is typical of LCD panels, so don't expect a very low or even almost dull black tone. This does not mean that this TV does not boast a good performance: as we said it supports HDR, has a brightness ratio of 76% and a good diagonal (43 ″). Moreover, among the models mentioned, it is one of the most suitable for gaming, so if your intent is first of all to play, this TV could seriously be for you. At about 450 euros, except for various offers that can bring the price below 400, you take home a Smart TV suitable for video games.

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Samsung HG40EJ470MK

The latest model of this list is Samsung HG40EJ470MK, a TV / Monitor certainly more oriented to viewing Movies and TV programs, but not unsuitable for the rest. One of the biggest flaws of this model, which among other things immediately catches the eye, is its very dated design: in fact, just look at any TV - and not too recent - to notice a huge difference both in the frame and in the situation adopted to keep it standing, ie the pedestal. Leaving aside the design, however, we find a 40 ″ LED display with Samsung HyperReal Engine technology that improves image processing, able to give greater prominence to an otherwise ineffective panel.

Unlike TVs moreover, it is not Smart and does not support HDR, shortcomings that could absolutely distance you from this model. However, its price should not be underestimated: although Samsung insists on not cutting it completely, leaving it at around 422 euros, it is often offered under 300 euros. Therefore, its inclusion in the list is also intended as a way to save.

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