Audible: you listen to books and earn 15 euros

Audible: you listen to books and earn 15 euros
Amazon has launched an interesting pre-Christmas offer to promote their Audible service. The service is quite peculiar since it allows you to access books and podcasts, always and in any case by audio. In short, books are not read: they are listened to. And to do this Amazon offers 15 euros to anyone who wants to join the offer.

Audible gives you 15 euros

The monthly subscription to Audible costs 9.99 euros: anyone who subscribes by on December 31st he will have a 15 euro discount voucher on Amazon, thus earning 5 euro on this type of operation. If you decide not to continue using the service, it will be sufficient to cancel the subscription within the first month, otherwise the renewal will be automated at the canonical price.

Audible offers 60 thousand audiobooks and podcasts: the books are managed by actors who allow you to make the best of the reading, giving the full thrill of the story in every situation. From Elena Ferrante to Ken Follett, from Sandro Veronesi to Lev Tolstoj: for all tastes, for every type of "reader". Those who have little time and want to dedicate it to activities such as bricolage and walks, or those who want to entice the time spent in the transfer between home and work, or those who simply want to lie down on the sofa and immerse themselves in the best stories, must do nothing but rely on Audible for a first month of trial which, in fact, even turns into a convenience for those who will remain a subscriber even for only 1 month.

Those who do not want to join the "15 € with Audible" option can alternatively subscribe free to the service for one month, without fees and without Amazon gifts. In this case the page to refer to is this.

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