Asuna from Sword Art Online by Banpresto: the review

Asuna from Sword Art Online by Banpresto: the review
Produced by Banpresto for Bandai Spirits, today we are going to review the new figure of Asuna taken from Sword Art Online for the Espresto est-Extra Motio ns line.

It is a statue made entirely of plastic, pre-colored with a 'very high attention to detail, which shows the protagonist dressed in the dress of the "Knights of Blood" (Knights of the Blood Oath), the strongest guild in the whole game.

The character

Asuna Yuuki is one of the two protagonists of the series, also known only as Asuna. Besides her, there is a boy named kirito with whom she will share the Sword Art Online adventure to be able to defeat the final boss and return to the real world. The game is officially open on November 6, 2022, and video game enthusiasts from around the world have been competing for the 10,000 copies available for the launch of the brand new MMORPG set in a sophisticated virtual reality, generated by a hardware called NerveGear.

Shortly after the beginning of the adventure, players will realize that they have entered a nightmare: in fact they will discover that they have been trapped in a virtual reality from which they will not be able to escape, if not by defeating the final boss Aincrad located on the 100th level. All players are not only imprisoned by the game, but should they die within the game as well as not being able to resurrect their avatar, they will also die in real life, killed by a special feature of the NerveGear helmet.

The packaging

The box in front of us is made with very clean and elegant lines in which the red color predominates over everything, immediately noting that it presents itself with real dimensions considerable: 25 cm high and 14 cm both in width and depth, made with a thick and sturdy cardboard.

Both the front and the back see a close-up of the figures, on one side there is an entire photo of Asuna, while on the other side we find two photos that enhance the details.

Inside the package we find the figure broken down into different parts (head, torso, legs, cloak, sword, sheath and two semi-transparent blue effects), which we will join together without the need for special instructions. Also included is a round white base about 7 cm high which recalls the top of a Greek column in the sculpt.

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Asuna Yuuki

Asuna, once assembled, reaches a height of almost 30 cm, faithfully respecting both the proportions and the colors. Much of the color of the dress is white, with metallic gray elements as regards the parts of the armor and red as regards the decorations on the dress and skirt.

Great attention has been given to the sculpt , in fact, by analyzing very carefully we were unable to find any type of defect due to the molds as everything was well made and completely devoid of production errors.

A commendable work has been done for the uniform in motion , starting with the meticulous details such as the decorative crosses and the pleats of the skirt. Asuna's face is serious and focused as she unleashes one of her attacks with Lamber Light (Lisbeth's forged sword), ending with her beautiful moving hair that is truly impressive.


Banpresto has created a product of excellent quality, rich in details and which really impressed us. The statue of Asuna is made with great care and with excellent features and materials, sure that it will leave every fan of the character satisfied with the purchase. If you are a Sword Art Online lover and are looking for a nice figure to add to your collection, this Asuna is the first step to start!

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