What will you play this weekend?

What will you play this weekend?

November continues to move forward and a new weekend has begun. Gamers, between family and work commitments, will perhaps find some time to devote to their favorite video games. November brings with it more and more interesting games, so tell us: what will you be playing this weekend of November 12, 2022?

The week started with a highly anticipated and at the same time much discussed game: Sonic Frontiers. SEGA's new blue hedgehog game had not exactly convinced every fan during the first presentations, but during the review phase we finally discovered what strengths this work can boast.

In our review we have in fact explained to you that "Sonic Frontiers is the game of a rescue that many have been waiting for for twenty and years. Finally the Sonic Team has figured out how to translate their most famous series into a three-dimensional context, but now it is necessary to raise the quality of everything else. the contour to damage a game that certainly deserved more, especially more refinement and more attention to certain damn details. If you are looking for something fast, fresh and fun, if you are looking for a platform other than the usual Nintendo, Sonic Frontiers will probably be able to satisfy all your needs. It is also a rather substantial game: it takes about twenty hours to get to the end and surely there are those who and more will pass. What's not to be taken for granted: text and voices are completely in Italian. "

Sonic Frontiers For football fans who don't want to dedicate themselves to FIFA or eFootball, another game dedicated to football has arrived this week: Football Manager 2023, Also available on Game Pass. The game unfortunately had to postpone the PS5 version, but for everyone else it was a new start with this game.

In our review we explained to you that "Football Manager 2023 is an extraordinary managerial, the culmination of an evolution that lasted 30 years and that made Sports Interactive products too deep and detailed to be The simulation involves every microscopic detail of the management of a football club, and as has happened in the past we are sure that the innovations introduced this year will become essential for the coaches of the future. The other side of the coin is represented by superficiality with which Sports Interactive approaches the renewal of each chapter of its legendary series: for the third year in a row the UI is indistinguishable from those of the previous chapters, the race simulation is technically unwatchable and still presents several problems related to the AI, and more generally, the feeling is that the studio is saving money by trying to apply effective but small innovations without really transforming the product. For better or for worse, always the same, identical and wonderful Football Manager ever. "

Football Manager 2023 However, we believe that a lot, this weekend of November 12, 2022, are ready to play a certain high-level game : obviously we are talking about God of War Ragnarok, the most recent adventure of Santa Monica Studio. Kratos and Atreus return to explore the Norse kingdoms and we with them.

In our review we explained to you that "God of War Ragnarok it is as beautiful as its predecessor, but for very different reasons. It is more mature in all gameplay dynamics, more complete, deeper, and features a much more varied, layered and rewarding combat system. However, in its being such a faithful and coherent sequel with the past, it loses any element of real novelty along the way, dilutes itself in its progression and also shakes off that epic tone that had characterized the soft reboot. Ultimately it is more of the same; a beautiful, fun, long-lived more of the same. "

Kratos and Atreus Obviously many will have to finish many other interesting works from their backlog or some games released in the previous weeks. Some will be busy on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 , while others will have opted for FIFA 23 now that the World Cup is upon us There are no right or wrong answers, so tell us what you will be playing this weekend?

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