Ehiweb, is he your next mobile operator?

Ehiweb, is he your next mobile operator?


With a press release Ehiweb announces its entry into the mobile device market.

An eagerly awaited event that delivers a complete offer to the public: the historic Bolognese provider proposes itself on the national territory as single provider for telephony and fixed and mobile connectivity, for individuals and companies.

The promise is to confirm the Bolognese provider's usual style: dedicated assistance, high quality services and affordable prices.

The rates for the public are simple and varied:

three rate plans for individuals three for the business world, with monthly rates complete with minutes, SMS and data traffic three IoT / Backup Mobile plans with data-only SIM and static IP, for home automation and smart working offers start at 2.95 euros for the basic IoT SIM and reach a maximum of 19.95 euros per month for the SIM with static and public IP.

Ehiweb Mobile is aimed at new customers and those who already have active services with Ehiweb, increasing the advantages provided by the single supplier for the latter, starting with the monthly invoice that can group all services: from domain to SIM.

For FIBRA Ehiweb customers there is a VIP formula on the top of the range rate: free activation and doubled data traffic.

New customers can order SIM cards online at a cost of 10 euros: activation and portability of the old number are included in the price.

On the occasion of this new debut, the commercial director of Ehiweb, Gilberto Di Maccio, addressed a message to customers and colleagues:

“After months of work and experiments, we are finally ready for the launch of Ehiweb Mobile. Much technical development is still planned but we are ready for this new challenge. Ehiweb has always been a symbol of quality and we expect a good response from the market: Ehiweb Mobile was created especially for our customers who have long been asking us to integrate a mobile SIM offer to our connections and VoIP telephony ".

With these words Ehiweb enters a competitive market such as that of mobile telephony, without fear of comparisons and with the intention of confirming itself as the "made in Italy" alternative to the most well-known large operators.

The aim is achieving this new mission is a sign of continuity: continuing the company's growth path with quality services and dedicated customer assistance, to simplify people's lives and work.

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