Twitter, everything Musk wants to pay

Twitter, everything Musk wants to pay


The system currently used by Twitter to give or not to its users the blue check "is bullshit". The new owner of the social network Elon Musk does not mince words to define the way in which the verified profiles have been defined so far. And it does so in a tweet that opens an articulated thread, with which it officially announces the new course of the existing version for subscribers, Twitter Blue.

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The paid version of the San Francisco social network is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The renewal of the plan, as made official by the South African tycoon, will include the enlargement of the public involved and, among others, the inclusion of the blue tick, at a monthly cost of 8 dollars, compared to the 20 initially foreseen. Price that, says Musk, will be adjusted for each country based on the purchasing power of its citizens.

But what are the functions that Musk wants to pay on Twitter?

The check blue Priority in replies, mentions and research Possibility of publishing longer videos and audios Reduction of advertisements Full use of paid articles on newspaper sites Direct messages Use of pornographic videos

The blue tick

The the most discussed point of the new Twitter course is precisely the constraint to subscribe to Twitter Blue to obtain or keep the blue check that identifies the verified profiles. Those who currently own it will lose it if they choose not to subscribe to the renewed paid plan. Those who want it, whether a famous person or not, can actually buy it.

There are many currently verified users who have shown their disagreement with this news with tones that are anything but calm, such as writer Stephen King and actor Evan Handler. King just announced his farewell in the face of the $ 20 initially envisaged, so much so that the Tesla founder to raise to $ 8, then defined the definitive rate (but, knowing Musk, it is all to be demonstrated).

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"There will be - writes Musk - a secondary tag under the name of famous people", as is already happening for the officials of Status.

Priority in answers, mentions and research

Those who subscribe to the new Twitter Blue will appear among the first results in the answers and searches of other users both in the main bar and by typing the at sign in a tweet for a mention.

Ability to publish longer video and audio

With Twitter Blue, Musk promises, it will be possible to publish videos and audio longer than two minutes and twenty seconds regularly allowed. An important implementation considering that, in Musk's forecasts, the new revenues that Twitter will perceive will also partly serve to "reward content creators".

Do you want the blue tick on Twitter? Pay twenty dollars a month Following the acquisition of Elon Musk, which will lay off 25% of employees, the social network plans to charge an account verification fee

Reduction of advertisements

Another benefit for whoever chooses to pay the new Twitter Blue fee will be the one to incur only half of the advertisements it currently displays. Announcements which, moreover, in the letter to advertisers published on October 27, Musk assured that they will become "as relevant as possible to the needs" of users.

Full use of paid articles on the websites of the newspapers

As for "publishers willing to work with us", writes Musk, subscribing to Twitter Blue will allow users of the social network to fully enjoy the paid content available on online newspapers, thus going beyond the paywall provided for non-subscribers .

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Direct Messages

they. Social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong said this in a tweet. "Twitter - she adds in later content - she is working to make Twitter Blue's 'verified' tab the first on the notifications page." It is a tab identical to that of common notifications, but filtered only with the interactions of users with a blue check.

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Use of pornographic videos

According to an email that the Washington Post came into possession of, Twitter would finally be working on a feature that would allow people to post videos and make them visible to other users only for a fee, with rates from 1, 2, 5 and 10 dollars. This would effectively pave the way for pornographic videos, putting Musk's social network in competition with adult sites.

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