Smart scales | The best of 2022

Smart scales | The best of 2022

Body weight is one of the main factors that determine our state of health and during the course of our life we ​​optimistically step on the scale at least fifty times, in order to check whether our weight has increased or decreased in the last period and consequently change our daily habits in order to stay on the ideal threshold. Once upon a time, the scale was a tool that allowed us to find out our weight and limited itself to doing this, but with the advance of technology it has also become a real smart device, able not only to tell us exactly what number that scares many people, but also to provide us with numerous other ultra-detailed information.

Smart scales have literally invaded the market and replaced the traditional models, characterized by the classic dial that rotated repeatedly, but there are still models that prove to be better than the others and in this article we are going to report the best smart scales that can be purchased right now.

Read also: Digital and infrared thermometers | The best of 2022 Before going to find out what are the best smart scales that you can buy on the main e-commerce sites, we think it is useful to know what functions the latter can offer more than a traditional one. Calories burned and muscle mass are just some of the examples of what you can control with such a device, but many models even have a specific mode for pregnant women, designed to follow them throughout their motherhood journey.

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The best smart scales

Beurer BF 195 1 BY ONE Medisana BS 444 Connect Garmin Index S2 Rowenta YD3096

Beurer BF 195

Among the best smart scales available on the market right now is also the model made by Beurer, the well-known German brand leader in the health and wellness market. Although we have not reported its top of the range, with the aim of making this buying guide as flexible as possible regarding the accessibility of products, this model has a luxurious design, with the blue and round-shaped LCD display that goes well with the bluish color of the scales. The support surface is in glass, while the electrodes are in brushed stainless steel, materials that further enhance the qualities of this device. As far as functions and maximum weight are concerned, the Beurer BF 195 will be able to measure fat mass, water percentage, muscle and bone mass, as well as AMR and BMR calories, with a maximum capacity of 180 kg. The integrated memory allows you to save up to 10 measurements, with overload indicator.



On the same price range as the previous model, we also suggest evaluating the 1 BY ONE, which will be appreciated for the ability to connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, after downloading and installing the dedicated app. Through it, you can have everything under control directly from your mobile device by synchronizing the data with Google Fit, Apple Health and Fitbit if you need to. As far as pairing is concerned, this scale supports a maximum of 8 users, while there are 14 measurement values, thus going far beyond the classic weight control. The maximum capacity of 180 kg also puts it on the same level as the Beurer, therefore it will not be a wrong purchase if you decide to buy this model.


Medisana BS 444 Connect

Another model that has proved to be up to the point of considering it wise to include it in our list dedicated to the best smart scales is the one produced by Medisana. In reality, this specific model has nothing that distinguishes it from the others, but makes the brand's reliability and precision its strengths. With a support of up to 180kg  and the possibility of automatically recognizing up to 8 users, you will be able to keep a flood of data and statistics under control, among which those dedicated to fat mass, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, proteins and much more stand out . The measurement takes place via 4 latest generation sensitive electrodes and last but not least, we point out the possibility of synchronizing the data with the VitaDock + application also on other smartphones or tablets.


Garmin Index S2

Garmin's proposal is a candidate to be one of the best smart scales for those who need to weigh themselves in the most precise way possible. Clearly equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, necessary to synchronize the data collected with your smartphone or tablet, the Garmin Index S2 boasts a color screen and the ability to memorize everything related to the weight of up to 16 people. Among the peculiarities that make it one of the best there is a weather widget, not essential for a scale but able to give added value to the product.


Rowenta YD3096

As we are often used to doing with this kind of guides, we leave for last what we consider the best product you can buy, also because the price in these cases could go beyond the average user's budget and therefore articles of this type tend not to be taken into consideration. The Rowenta YD3091 is ideal for those who want to have maximum control over their body, given that this device is not "only" limited to checking your weight and physical activity, but performs a complete detailed analysis of body composition . In other words, this incredibly smart scale easily measures arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves. All of this is made possible thanks to the presence of a Body Partner and the relative measuring tape. Furthermore, the smartphone application suggests specific exercises to achieve each goal, written directly by an expert coach. In short, a product for true health lovers!


How to choose the smart scale

As it is easy to understand, the factors to keep into consideration when buying a smart scale are basically the accuracy and functions. Although any smart model, as well as digital, boasts a reliable weight measurement, it is good to check that the difference in value between one measurement and another is as small as possible. Since manufacturers rarely publish these specifications, try the scale yourself to find out what the margin of error is. In any case, the models we suggest guarantee minimum margins of error, which reach a maximum of a few decigrams.

What functions must a smart scale have?

Obviously, all smart scales they boast numerous functions that will allow you to control various aspects of your body, but it is important to check that among the characteristics of the model chosen, there are also measurements capable of analyzing fat, lean mass, basal metabolic rate, proteins and any other value that does not just keep in mind the weight. Relying on a model with all these functions, in fact, will help you better evaluate your physical shape and, consequently, implement a specific diet or series of exercises so that you can reach your goal.

Furthermore, it would be preferable to consider models that offer you the possibility of saving your measurements in the cloud, so that you can analyze your progress day by day and get an idea of ​​the results of your diet or training . In addition, it would be best if the dedicated application supports multiple accounts, so that the scale can be used by multiple people, saving each person's data separately.

Having said that, factors such as materials and the like they take a back seat when it comes to smart scales and we don't think there are any precautions to take into consideration. However, it would be preferable for the scale to have rubber feet or non-slip material to prevent the device from moving during use, an aspect that can be especially important for heavier people.

Pregnancy mode

Women who are pregnant, or might become pregnant, have special needs when it comes to measuring their body weight. Many pregnant women also prefer to avoid impedance measurements, which are collected through small electrical impulses sent through the feet and legs to estimate body composition. Those with an implanted health device, such as a pacemaker, are even warned not to use smart scales. That said, some models that support impedance measurements have an option to disable them, useful so that even pregnant women can step on a smart scale without fear of any kind.

Bluetooth and WiFi< /h3> Most smart scales connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth , but there are also models that transmit the data collected via your WiFi network . The latter tend to cost more because they require more components to work and are obviously preferable for those who want to have a complete product. As you know, to receive the various information regarding your weight in the dedicated application you will need a Bluetooth device at your side all the time.

If, for example, you have downloaded the app on your smartphone and it is in the other room Bluetooth's small range will cancel data collection, although some scales may save a logged weight until the next sync. A WiFi model, on the other hand, does not have this problem, since data synchronization takes place via the router signal which, of course, is better than Bluetooth. In theory, WiFi syncing is also more reliable, so consider WiFi-enabled scales if you can.

How does a smart scale work?

Smart scales are based on technology bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which send small electrical impulses through your body. Then through a mathematical formula, you receive information on the percentage of body fat, bone density, lean muscle mass and how much water is present in the body. This is the same technology found in many fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Are smart scales accurate?

Although smart scales allow you to access a lot of information about your body composition, especially if you are interested in tracking changes over time, they are not the most accurate of all. Most, in fact, return different results than a BOD POD system, the best when it comes to body fat levels. However, the best smart models remain quite accurate, with very small error thresholds, which do not justify the purchase of scales equipped with other technologies.

Reasons to buy a smart scale

A smart scale can provide much more information than a traditional one, thus not limiting itself only to weight, which is not always the best indication of whether you are actually healthy or not. Furthermore, with a smart model, it is not necessary to look at the number on the scale, as they connect to the dedicated health apps on your smartphones and tablets, sending the data collected via Bluetooth. In short, there are several reasons for preferring a smart scale over a traditional one and the merit goes to modern technology, which in recent years has also entered this type of product, once again making people's lives easier.

How to reset a smart scale?

It may happen that you have to reset the smart scale for various reasons and we anticipate that doing so will be very simple. The recovery methods may vary according to the model, so always refer to the instruction booklet. Some scales will have a hidden reset button, which you just need to press for a few seconds to initiate the reset. Battery-operated models may require a series of steps to recalibrate the system, including removing the batteries for about 10 minutes.

How to position a smart scale?

You should attach great importance to the positioning before measuring your body weight. The positioning, in fact, causes different readings depending on the support surface. The best advice to get the most accurate measurement possible is to place the scale on a hard, flat surface, such as bathroom tiles. It is not recommended to place the scale on the carpet, as the latter will deceive the instrument's sensors.

Can smart scales be used by people who wear a pacemaker?

People who wear a pacemaker , i.e. a device implanted under the skin, essential for those with serious heart problems, should not use smart scales. The electricity produced by the scale, in fact, could affect the electrical impulses of the pacemaker, altering the heart rate of the subject and therefore exposing him to a potential health hazard.

You can use the smart scale pregnant?

Smart scales usually send a pulse of 50 kH and 0.5 milliamperes, values ​​that are not harmful to the fetus, therefore there are no dangers in weighing yourself if you are pregnant. However, it should be taken into consideration that the fat mass will not be read optimally in these situations, as the measurement system is based on data crossing, taking into account the amount of liquids present in the body. In short, it will be like having a limited device for a period of time, but after a few weeks of pregnancy it will be possible to rely again on the most complex measurements of your body.

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