Shark Spartan RS, the safest road full-face helmet of the moment | Test and review

Shark Spartan RS, the safest road full-face helmet of the moment | Test and review

Shark Spartan RS

Spartan RS is the latest addition to Shark's Spartan family, but compared to models with which it mainly shares its aesthetic footprint, Spartan RS offers a higher degree of safety. It is in fact homologated to ECE 22-06, a standard that not only increased the specifications in terms of impact force, but also brought the control of the impact points to 18 (tripling them) and added rotational impact tests. , that is by analyzing those situations in which the helmet, on impact, makes a rotation angle. Being therefore compatible with this standard, we can expect a very high degree of protection from the shell, made with a mix of materials including kevlar and fiberglass. Among the other technical features we find a super resistant VZ300 visor, an anti-scratch treatment, interior in antibacterial, anti-odor and anti-sweat fabric, which are also removable and washable.

Two air intakes, one at the front and one at the top, circulate fresh air inside the helmet and also allow you to quickly demist the visor. The internal shape of the helmet conveys the hot air from the back, where it will come out from further slits. In our test everything worked as promised, the flow of fresh air, especially in the upper part of the head, is perceived well. - th_motorlabs_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_motorlabs_d_mh2 "); }
The elements for opening and closing the air intakes are easy to reach, even with gloves, and the same can be said of the sun visor. The latter is easily adjustable to the millimeter and open completely, it almost completely closes the visible area, protecting from the sun at any time of day and inclination. The visor detaches by acting on two levers, very easy to maneuver.

Available in various colors, the design and shape make this helmet suitable for practically all needs. You could wear it while driving a super sports car as well as a touring bike. The way in which the inside of the helmet is made, all the padded part, the visor closure solution and the shell design that seeks maximum aerodynamics at medium-high speeds makes the inside of the helmet quite silent. If you are one of those who like to shoot videos where talking while driving two wheels, this helmet will help you record quality audio. Apart from this detail, in addition to the silence, the support point between the visor and the helmet is practically waterproof, good news if you happen to travel in the rain.

Inside the package, together with the helmet, you will find a soft bag in which to keep it, some reflective stickers to be applied to the helmet, a pinlock 120 anti-fog visor and a small Allen key which allows you to remove the pins from the visor if you want to change it.

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