Mtv Ema 2022, leads Rita Ora: "Music has always saved us"

Mtv Ema 2022, leads Rita Ora: Music has always saved us

Mtv Ema 2022, leads Rita Ora

“I am so excited, there are so many things that I can't wait to do”: Rita Ora transmits a radiant enthusiasm as she prepares to host the MTV EMA 2022 which will be held on November 13 in Düsseldorf. The MTV music awards return to Germany for the sixth time, after the very first edition was held at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 1994, and for Ora it will be a return to conducting, after also presenting the 2017 ceremony in London: "My relationship with Ema over the years has always been extraordinary", she tells us: "This will be the 10th anniversary since I performed for the first time on this show: I can say that Ema are a relevant part of the show. my career, they have accompanied me for a long time ".

Joining her on stage this year will be Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor: Love and Thunder and Our Flag Means Death, which debuts as host of a TV show: “For Taika, the first big musical event was when I took him to the EMAs in 2021 in Budapest. We had a lot of fun and coming back this time as conductors is incredible, ”Ora explains to us:“ We have never worked together before, but I think it will be a very fun, interesting experience. We are two who do not like too much to be told what to do but this time we are live, with little time available, so we will have to rely on the hunchback. But despite this we have several surprises in store. ”

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As always, Ema celebrate the most beloved international music and leading this year's nominations - which for the first time sporting gender-neutral categories as Best Artist - are names like Harry Styles (who leads with seven nominations), Taylor Swift (six nominations), Nicki Minaj and Rosalía (five each). There are also many artists who will perform on stage, such as Gorillaz, Muse, OneRepublic, David Guetta: "There are a lot of my friends this year: Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, in common we come from the same areas, we are all pop stars of Albanian origins. And then Lewis Capaldi, Stormzy… the after party will above all be very fun ", jokes Rita Ora.

The singer is also excited to see the amount of emerging artists who find space on this stage:" I do this job for a decade now and seeing all these new artists and somehow witnessing them blossom gives me great adrenaline There is so much more to explore and that makes me even more excited about my new album and everything I've recorded in this period ", he confides:" In particular I see all these girls nowadays, so strong, powerful, especially the pop stars are stronger than ever. That's what I love about pop music ".

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During the evening there will also be a moment of reflection dedicated to what is happening in Ukraine, which will involve the Kalush Orchestra, Ukrainian band that won Eurovision. A tribute that for Ora, very committed on the humanitarian front as she is also a UN ambassador for Kosovo, the region from which her parents come, is a must: "The music has always saved us, for millions of years. It makes a lot of sense to try to treat the tragedy that is happening in Ukraine with music, because it is what unites people and somehow also saves lives ", he tells us:" For di the more these are the Europe Music Awards, it's the least we could do to pay homage to the lives of this continent that we have lost. ”

When she debuted in 2012, Rita Ora struck the audience with her slightly fresh 'cheeky and for its i definitely pop image. Over the years, also demonstrating his versatility on TV and in the cinema, he has worked on the maturation of his public and private image and his next record will be proof of this: "It will be a very personal album for me, also because my life is changed so radically in recent years ", he tells us with evident pride:" I feel that it is right that I should write my story, so I participated in the writing of all the pieces of this record. It will be a kind of open book, so let's cross our fingers and in the first part of 2023 new music will arrive ". First, however, there are the Mtv Ema 2022, which can be followed live from 9.00 pm on Sunday 13th on Mtv, Mtv Music, Comedy Central and in streaming from November 14th on Paramount +.

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