Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Laptop 5 and the new products of the Surface line

Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Laptop 5 and the new products of the Surface line

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft has just announced the latest updates for Surface line devices. For over 30 years, Windows PCs have played a central role in consumers' everyday lives, thanks to technologies and innovations designed to achieve ever greater levels of productivity, stay connected, express their creativity and potential. br>
During a closed-door event, held on November 10, 2022, Microsoft presented:

The new entry in the 2-in-1 family, Surface Pro 9, even more powerful thanks to the processor 12th Generation Intel Core, built on the Intel Evo platform, and with Thunderbolt 4 support offering both the benefits of a powerful laptop and the versatility of a tablet at the same time.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5, an elegant laptop that offers the potential, comfort and functionality needed to face work with maximum productivity.
The new Surface Studio 2 +, designed for both consumer and business users.

The arrival of an exclusive series of devices dedicated to accessibility, to ensure ever greater inclusiveness, including the 3D Print Adaptive, designed for Microsoft Business Pen, and Microsoft Classroom Pen 2.
Microsoft has introduced two innovations designed to improve the hybrid work experience: Microsoft Presenter + and Microsoft Audio Dock.

New tools for creators were shown, including Microsoft Designer, the new graphic design application from Microsoft 365, designed to bring high quality graphic projects to life.

The long-awaited integration of the Apple ecosystem into Windows 11.

Da on one side is the iconic integrated kickstand and on the other a stunning 13 ″ PixelSense display, with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and a wide color gamut. Thanks to the new Microsoft OneNote Ink Focus and the new GoodNotes app for Windows 11, the digital ink on the screen will give the feeling of writing on a sheet of paper.

Equipped with 12th generation Intel Core processor, built on the Intel Evo platform and compatible with Thunderbolt 4, the Surface Pro 9 is the most powerful 2-in-1 of the Surface family. With a 13-inch PixelSense Flow touchscreen, designed for Surface digital pens, and the Surface Pro Signature keyboard, you can take notes anytime, anywhere.

With Surface Pro 9, you can stay connected at all times. also to a high-performance battery, which accompanies the user throughout the day. In addition, the Surface Pro configuration with 5G and Microsoft SQ 3, created in collaboration with Qualcomm, offers a high-speed 5G connection.

Surface Pro 9 is available at the Microsoft Store, and at major retailers, at starting from € 1329 and is offered in the colors: Platinum, Graphite, Sapphire and Forest.

Surface Pro 9 with 5G is available at the Microsoft Store starting from € 1569 and is offered only in Platinum color.

Surface Laptop 5, on the other hand, is designed for any type of user: whether it's creating, communicating or connecting; from effortless opening your laptop to quick login with Windows Hello, right through to the precision touchpad and perfect typing experience. Surface Laptop 5 offers the power, comfort and functionality you need to tackle the job at your best, ensuring battery life throughout the day, thanks to the Thunderbolt 4 port and Intel Evo platform.

Equipped with a screen PixelSense touchscreen, available in 13.5 and 15 inch format, Surface Laptop 5 is a perfect ally for multitasking, built on the Intel Evo platform with 12th generation Intel Core. Its power is perfect for gaming, creative apps and professional software, to always be performing.

Surface Laptop 5 connection is lightning fast thanks to Thunderbolt 4, which allows fast file transfer even large. Equipped with HD screens, it takes entertainment to the next level with ultra vivid colors and high quality images thanks to Dolby Vision IQ 3 and, thanks to Dolby Atmos 6, watching a movie in streaming will be like being in the cinema. >
With a battery that lasts up to 17 hours, Surface Laptop 5 is not only powerful, but also very elegant: available in 2 colors, Platinum and Graphite, in metal or with soft Alcantara finish, it is offered starting from 1209 €.

To close the presentations for the Surface line, we find the Surface studio 2 +. Designed for both consumer and business users: the device offers the power of a desktop PC, the convenience of a laptop and a real creative studio, all in a single device. The new Laptop Studio boasts, in fact, a new ultra-resistant Dynamic Woven Hinge that allows the transition from Laptop mode, to Stage mode, up to Studio mode.

For Microsoft the inclusivity is a priority, a long-term path, which aims to help meet the challenges for the more than 1 billion disabled people in the world.

All components of the Adaptive Set have been designed in collaboration with the disabled community, to allow people with difficulties in using a traditional mouse and keyboard to make the most of their PC, thanks to accessories designed with these objectives.

In addition, companies or others organizations, such as schools, will be able to 3D print Adaptive Grips from Shapeways 6 for the Microsoft Business Pen and the Microsoft Classroom Pen 2.

Microsoft, finally, will introduce a new Apple integration within Windows 11. G Thanks to the new integration with iCloud and the Photos app on Windows 11, it will soon be possible to access iPhone photos and videos on Windows devices. Apple Music and the Apple TV app are available on Xbox consoles and will launch on Windows next year.

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