Assassionation Classroom, Fire force and Naruto: the new proposals in Blu-ray

Assassionation Classroom, Fire force and Naruto: the new proposals in Blu-ray

Assassionation Classroom, Fire force and Naruto

For lovers of manga and anime, three unmissable Home Video boxes have arrived on the market this month, dedicated to three works that many fans spread all over the globe. Specifically we are talking about the Assassination Classroom, Fire Force and finally the legendary Naruto franchises, all offered in a collectible Blu-ray edition. Let's find out more details of these new products distributed in Italy by Eagle Pictures for Yamato Video.

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Assassionation Classroom in Blu-ray

The box set dedicated to the first season, which brings to the small screen the first 22 episodes of the animated series, is proposed by Yamato Video in a limited edition and contains some collectible gadgets. Specifically, in addition to Blu-ray discs, there is a 56-page booklet dedicated to curiosities and the reproduction of the 32-page school diary.

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Suddenly, the Moon that everyone was used to seeing is almost completely destroyed. A strange sprawling being claims the act and announces to world leaders that within a year he will do the same thing with Earth. And, even stranger, he insists on being the teacher in charge of class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Middle School. The students are then given the most unusual task they could ever imagine: murdering their professor! Will these guys be able to kill a being that moves at Mach 20 and avert the end of the world? But above all ... who will ever be this mysterious sprawling being, nicknamed Korosensei, and what motivations will he have for wanting to destroy the Earth?

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Fire force on Blu- ray

The second Home Video proposal that we want to present to you is the box set dedicated to the first season of Fire Force on Blu-ray. The anime in question is the transposition of the manga written and drawn by Atsushi Ōkubo who made his debut in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 2015 and arrived in Italy in 2017 thanks to Planet Manga by Panini Comics. To date, the manga boasts dizzying numbers with millions of copies sold all over the world. Fire Force sees at the center of the story the homonymous special force of firefighters engaged in fighting on the streets of Tokyo a series of incidents that see the sudden combustion of human beings.

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The box set containing the first season of the anime contains three Blu-ray discs, two exclusive booklets composed respectively of 32 and 36 pages containing a series of preparatory drawings, illustrations as well as some textual parts. Also present inside the box is a numbered collectible maxi-card. From a technical point of view, the anime is proposed with a resolution of 1080p and an Italian and Japanese audio track in 2 .0 Dolby Digital with Italian subtitles.

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The flames tear apart in the world and the only ones who can tame them are the firefighters of the Fire Force, personnel with special pyrokinetic powers. Our protagonist is Shinra Kusakabe, a young man just enlisted in the Fire Force with a tragic past linked to fires and the mysterious power of the Demon's Footprints. It's time to fight fire with fire.

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Naruto season 2 on Blu-ray

Let's now move on to the transposition animated of one of the most important contemporary manga, in terms of success, ever: Naruto, the manga written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto which debuted in November 2014 in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump and became a worldwide phenomenon.

So, after the commercialization of the box set dedicated to the first season, here comes his continuation: Naruto -Part 2 in Blu-ray edition containing the episodes from 36 to 83 with the queen of. In this regard, we remind you that the first historical series is composed of a total of 220 episodes and that these will be collected in 5 different box sets.

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The story tells the story of Naruto, the young boy whose dream in the little house is to become Hokage, one of the strongest ninja in the village. Specifically, in the episodes of the second season, the examination of the Chunin has come to a head and the young ninja now have to face each other in fights to the last breath. In front of Naruto there are now new and fierce rivals, but also new opportunities to forge strong friendships!

As for the gadgets present in this second box set, the Blu-ray discs are accompanied by a booklet consisting of 24 pages containing some curiosities about the work as well as some tables with the protagonists. From this point of view, we would certainly have appreciated something more, such as the presence of collectible postcards or some stickers. However, it should be noted that compared to other box sets, this proposal contains the beauty of 6 Blu-ray discs, a really important and satisfying number that somehow compensates for the small number of gadgets. Are you ready to immerse yourself in well over 18 hours of adventures with Naruto?

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