Logitech MX Keys Mini, minimal wireless keyboard, at half price on Amazon!

Logitech MX Keys Mini, minimal wireless keyboard, at half price on Amazon!

Logitech MX Keys Mini

If you are looking for a compact, backlit and wireless keyboard, as well as capable of being used with multiple devices, today we have an offer that could be just for you!

In fact, in the today the well-known e-commerce portal Amazon has launched an interesting promotion on the Logitech MX Keys Mini that allows you to take it home for only € 63.17, compared to the usual € 129 list, with a 51% discount and a real savings of € 75.83.

A minimalist keyboard designed for content creators, Logitech MX Keys Mini features a layout created for maximum precision with minimal effort, offering concave profile keys for smooth and comfortable typing . The keys are also backlit, so they can be seen even in low ambient light conditions. In particular, the keyboard lights up when the fingers approach, while the intensity of the backlight adapts to the light conditions. There are also some keys, defined as intelligent, assigned to specific functions or customized shortcuts, so as to increase your productivity.

The Logitech MX Keys keyboard can be connected to up to three devices via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing you to quickly switch between them. The Logitech MX Keys keyboard is part of Logitech's Master series and can be paired with the MX Anywhere 3 mouse to create the perfect pairing, allowing you to take advantage of advanced features. In addition, the integrated battery provides a range of up to five months without backlight or 10 days with always-on backlight.

Photo Credit: Logitech

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