Hyundai, the patent for massaging headrests appears

Hyundai, the patent for massaging headrests appears


According to reports from the CarBuzz newspaper, Hyundai would have registered a new patent in the United States, a patent dedicated to those who love luxurious and comfortable cars, those that take care of their occupants during the journey: it is a matter of a technology designed to give life to massaging headrests, something that until now had not been seen simply because the mechanical elements that perform the massage are often bulky and a little noisy, but Hyundai has found a solution.

The patent presented by Hyundai should allow the Korean house to create massaging headrests without adding weight or having particular mechanical noises: to achieve this result, Hyundai's engineers looked at already existing technologies in the field of vibration absorption - for example, taking inspiration from to the world of variable adjustment shock absorbers - and have basically applied the same principle.

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Once the system was fine-tuned, Hyundai did not other than creating sequences of movements similar to those of a massage pillow for the neck, without however needing mechanical moving elements. As mentioned a few lines above, this solution drastically reduces the final weight of the object, and it cannot be excluded that in the next few years it may be integrated into the entire seat and not just to create massaging headrests.

Today it is impossible to know if and when Hyundai will bring this technology to market, but when it does it will be, at least initially, on high-end models.

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