Hisense QLED 55 ″ Smart TV at the lowest price ever on Amazon! -39%!

Hisense QLED 55 ″ Smart TV at the lowest price ever on Amazon! -39%!

If you are looking for an excellent quality TV with which to enjoy your favorite programs or, why not, to prepare yourself properly for the World Cup in Quatar 2022, then we strongly suggest you take a look at this Amazon offer right away, thanks to the which you can buy at a truly unmissable price, a splendid 55 ″ TV, 4K and with QLED panel!

We are talking about the Hisense 55E78HQ smart TV, a 2022 model with a large and excellent quality panel, whose original price would be € 649.00, but thanks to a 39% discount, it is now available at the lowest price ever, that is just € 399.00, which for a TV of this size are very few.

If we are talking about 55 ″ screens, especially when equipped with a quality panel, the price that we encounter is usually much lower, so much so that we often find ourselves spending well over 1000 euros, even net of discounts and promotions.

With this promo, however, you will take home a television that is not only valuable, but also with a rather generous diagonal, at a price even lower than 400 euros which, believe us, is really a bargain, especially considering the excellent steps forward made. by Hisense in recent years, in proposing itself as a really valid alternative to those that are the reference names of the market.

Characterized by a slim and attractive design, this Hisense 55E78HQ TV is proposed with a 4K panel with technology Quantum Dot Color, capable of giving billions of color shades, as well as excellent brightness and excellent contrast, complete with support for Dolby Vision technology.

In addition, thanks to the integrated artificial intelligence technology, this TV will perform an efficient upscale of the images on the screen, making even those images whose source signal does not come close to the 4K standard sharper and more enjoyable. A comfortable and functional technology that, moreover, also works constantly on images already in 4K, making continuous corrections and adjustments, so that the visual and acoustic result is always worthy of the best possible experience.

Smart, and therefore ready for the use of many apps, including all the main applications dedicated to streaming, this Hisense TV is, in summary, a truly unmissable deal for anyone looking for a rich, functional but very affordable smart TV.

Read also: Smart TV | The best of 2022 That said, we just have to refer you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the offer, with an invitation to make the purchase as soon as possible, so that you can grab this extraordinary TV at a really attractive price, certainly the lowest. never reached by this specific product!

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