Harry Potter | The best Christmas gifts for true fans

Harry Potter | The best Christmas gifts for true fans

The holidays are really less and less, and the rush for Christmas gifts is almost in the pipeline. However, it is not uncommon to find yourself at the last minute with few ideas and, above all, without having bought anything yet ... How to do it? We at sportsgaming.win have a series of proposals for you and yes, there really is something for all tastes.

Today we want to recommend you a series of Harry Potter themed gadgets: perfect gift ideas for true fans of the universe created by J. K. Rowling, who can't wait to immerse themselves once again in the magical atmosphere that only Hogwarts can give. Blu Ray, books, collectible gadgets… If you are looking for a gift to give to a Harry Potter fan well, take a look below!

The best Harry-themed Christmas gifts Potter

Board Games Pencil Topper Magic Wand Books Marauder's Map 3D Puzzle Blu Ray Box Moleskine Agenda Water Bottle Non-slip Socks LEGO Set

Board Games

Let's start with a selection of three Harry Potter themed board games: a perfect gift idea also to make the next days of holidays even more magical, with three different titles but suitable for practically everyone. It starts with the exclusive Hunt for the Golden Snitch, a fast-paced and exciting strategy for 2-4 players, to arrive at the Harry Potter versions of two classics like Dobble and UNO. The choice is yours but the fun, believe us, is guaranteed!

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Pencil topper

Let's move on to this fantastic set of pencil toppers, to bewitch the sheet of paper with everything that goes into your head and with a unique and perfect style for anyone who loves Harry Potter. The sets are available in various sizes, with representations of the most beloved characters of the film saga for a gift idea suitable for young and old!


Magic wand

We are not sure if it really works, but the Harry Potter magic wand is always a nice gadget to collect. A very special object, which we are sure will please any fan of the magical universe of Harry Potter and, moreover, also available in the variant owned by Hermione Granger. Ready to transform yourself into real Hogwarts School students?



Could the Harry Potter books be missing? Absolutely not, and here we offer you a small but very interesting selection perfect as a gift idea for next Christmas. The De Lucchi box with covers is a one-of-a-kind collector's item, with illustrations that we do not hesitate to define as true works of art. Do not underestimate the paperback editions and another little surprise: the official cookbook, with many delicious specialties to make the holidays even more magical!



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Marauder's Map

Anyone who knows the world of Harry Potter has dreamed of having one, and now the dream can finally come true. Here is the Marauder's Map, a very special gadget for equally special aspiring witches and wizards. A way to discover the secrets of Hogwarts and recall the magic of those walls, with a nice wand as a gift to illuminate every corner of the mythical Marauder's Map.


3D Puzzle

Hogwarts Castle, Diagon Alley and the magical Hogwarts Express: three fantastic 3D puzzles to have fun reconstructing some of the most beautiful atmospheres in the Harry Potter universe. Made with truly impressive attention to detail, these gadgets are the perfect Christmas gift to make a true fan of the saga happy: believe us, you will really blow your mind!


Blu Ray Box

Eight discs with the eight films of the immortal cinematographic saga, to relive (in high definition) all the magic of one of the most popular series of all time. All embellished with an exclusive box, with a very interesting price and full of special contents to be discovered. Not bad, right?


Water bottle

Another round, another useful gadget as a gift idea for a Harry Potter themed Christmas. This practical 500 ml bottle is in fact the perfect surprise for every lover of the saga, with many designs dedicated to the most loved characters and a design that makes it a comfortable and above all quality solution, thanks to the aluminum structure that makes it solid and versatile. for every occasion.


Non-slip socks

The perfect gift not only for this Christmas, but for the whole cold winter season: here is a pair of socks really special anti-slip, made with official license and also perfect as a slipper thanks to the practical sole designed ad hoc. Suitable for men and women and with a truly recognizable design, these socks are the perfect gift for anyone who is madly in love with the magical Harry Potter saga ... And you also love staying warm while it's slowly snowing outside.



Last, but certainly not least, here are the Harry Potter LEGO sets: a gift idea that is now truly a classic, but that will never stop striking as it is always wrapped in the magical atmosphere that only Danish bricks can give. We have selected some of the best for you, and here too there is something for all tastes: from the potions classroom to the Chamber of Secrets to Nottetempo. And we guarantee that yes: they are all really, really beautiful.

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