God of War Ragnarok already discounted on Amazon! -14%

God of War Ragnarok already discounted on Amazon! -14%

The wait for God of War Ragnarok is over! After so much hype and even more expectations, the new chapter of the epic saga set up by the Santa Monica Studios is now ready to be played by fans and, as we told you in our review, it was definitely worth it!

God of War Ragnarok, in fact, is truly an unmissable title, thanks to its majesty and the beauty with which the development team has managed to recreate, once again, the imagery of Norse mythology. A game, in short, that cannot be overlooked in any way, and that is why we are happy to announce the discount, available on the PlayStation 5 edition, that Amazon is making available to its customers!

The current price? Just € 69.99, compared to the € 80.99 originally required for the purchase! Not a bad deal, which corresponds to a discount of 14% and which, of course, will convince even "latecomers" to buy this impressive and impressive title exclusively for PlayStation consoles.

The price, in fact, is among the lowest on the net, if not the lowest ever and, thanks to the increasing number of spoilers that are found online, on and off YouTube, we would suggest you do not delay any longer, and take advantage of this offer before anyone spoil the pleasure of discovering how the vicissitudes involving the brawny Kratos and his son, Atreus will evolve.

Set a few years after the previous one, God of War Ragnarok will put us on the trail of the god of war Norse, Tyr, apparently dead, and probably the only hope for the devastation promised by the arrival of the Fimbulwinter, an infinite winter that will anticipate, as it is written in the prophecies, the arrival of Ragnarok: the end of all kingdoms!

Read also: God of War Ragnarok | Review - The End of Everything A massive adventure, both in terms of content and hours of gameplay, which should be played by all PlayStation players and which, undoubtedly, represents one of the most important and successful titles of this 2022! That said, we just have to send you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the promotion, with an invitation to immediately take advantage of this discount, even net of what is the now imminent Black Friday 2022.

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