Digital and cloud, 10 books that are in fashion in the United States

Digital and cloud, 10 books that are in fashion in the United States

Digital and cloud

San Francisco - The job of publishers who have to give original - and perhaps vaguely funny and sexy - titles to books on computer science, coding and programming is not easy at all. Sometimes we limit ourselves to being didactic, to go without fail but without daring and falling into the banal, in other cases we throw ourselves into metaphors, parallels or decidedly nerdy titles, which also imply an original way of organizing and telling the topics. .

Visiting California in recent weeks at a VMware Explore conference held in attendance, we took the opportunity to take a peek at the most popular and most loved titles by American programmers and cloud experts (and not only) ), and we have obtained a roundup of books between the funny and the funny, sometimes almost bordering on the grotesque. Just think of Fluent Python and Pyton Distilled among the programmer highlights. For some of them there is even a podcast, and all of them can be purchased - obviously in English - even from Italy, albeit at times with a small surcharge.

IT Architect Series: Stories from the Field , Vol. 1, John Yani Arrasjid and Matthew Wood (2020)

No science fiction, but real life stories: what it must be like to personally participate in a great IT project when everything turns into a disaster, almost in a horror story? 35 leading IT professionals describe their adventures in the world's most challenging data centers, revealing the reasons why more or less serious failures and incidents occurred, sharing lessons learned and revealing what they would do - in hindsight - differently. In short, a reading to avoid having to learn the hard way from the mistakes that it would be better never to commit.

16.46 € - buy on amazon

Practical IoT Hacking: The Definitive Guide to Attacking the Internet of Things, Fotios Chantziz and Ioannis Stais (2021)

Written by security experts, the practical guide to the attack of the internet of things is a conceptual guide to make the most of Iot systems and devices, starting from the great achievements of 5 researchers specialized in cybersecurity. From the most common contemporary threats to the modeling of emerging ones, not only defense but also attack: Vlan hopping, Mqtt authentication cracking, UPnP abuses, mDns poisoners and Ws-Discovery attacks, also passing through Rfid devices. Out of the technicalities, everything you need to know to hack (and to defend against hackers) a smart home, from wireless alarms to security cameras, up to smart appliances.

43.70 € - buy on amazon

The New Normal in IT, Gregory Smith (2022)

Subtitle: How the Pandemic Changed Information Technology Forever. If Covid-19 has caused fundamental changes in the way people work in the IT sector, this volume explores the hows and whys of companies on the front of abandoning offices and enhancing remote work. But how do you make the most of the remote collaboration of an increasingly hybrid workforce? How to implement up-to-date risk mitigation, strategic planning and disaster recovery testing strategies? A story about how today innovation and digital executives try to update governance to face ever new cybersecurity challenges.

19.34 € - buy on amazon

How Smart Machines Think, Sean Gerrish (2018)

From self-driving cars to Netflix recommendations, from software playing video games to supercomuter performance, an overview of the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning that made today's machines so smart. Behind the scenes of how programmers, in practice, trained computers to perform certain behaviors, almost as if they were training a dog. Computers have beaten human world champions in many games, but in other games - such as StarCraft and the like - it has not yet been possible to train an artificial intelligence to perform like the human mind: why?

15,31 € - buy on amazon

Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, Paul Daugherty and James Wilson (2018)

The pioneering companies of the 21st century are already using artificial intelligence to innovate and grow fast, and anyone who understands how to make the most of AI can can move forward faster. Those who neglect it, however, will be left behind. The book shows that the essence of the AI ​​paradigm shift is the transformation of all processes within an organization, whether they are related to breakthrough innovation, daily customer service or personal productivity. As humans and intelligent machines work together more closely, work processes become more fluid and adaptive, allowing companies to change them quickly or completely reimagine them. A journey also through the new hybrid human-machine roles that every company must (and must increasingly) develop.

27.31 € - buy on amazon

The Green IT Guide, Mike Halsey (2022)

A 10-step guide to creating a carbon neutral digital infrastructure, including the most efficient and repairable equipment possible and ways to monitor the sustainability of your suppliers. From the reduction of electronic waste to cases in which the cloud is also preferred as a strategy to reduce emissions. A case history of how IT companies and their managers are aiming for ambitious climate goals, with technologies and innovations that enter the concrete path towards the desired achievement of these goals.

40,65 € - buy on amazon

Fire Doesn't Innovate, Kip Boyle (2019)

A practical guide designed for managers to be ready for the evolution of cyber risks. Fighting cybercrime is a must for doing business in the 21st century, and no executive today can afford to ignore the damage phishing and malware can do to their business. Cybersecurity expert Kip Boyle has put together the tools necessary to mitigate cyber risk and develop daily business cyber hygiene habits, as well as the 5 basic principles for protecting a company from attacks. Cyber ​​security, as is often repeated, is not just a technological problem but an indispensable management opportunity to be resilient and with a solid base even in the event of an attack.

€ 13.75 - buy on amazon

Superminds, The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together, Thomas Malone (2018)

The founder of the Mit Center for Collective Intelligence takes a fascinating look at the extraordinary capacity achieved by the combo between human and artificial intelligence. It is not humans who are the smartest on our planet, but it is their working together that enhances the results: computers, in this sense, can help create supermarkets simply by connecting humans to each other in a variety of new and rich ways. . And although perhaps it will all happen more slowly than predicted, artificial intelligences are amplifying the power of our minds, generating increasingly complex forms of thought. The implications will be everywhere: from the way we buy groceries and plan business strategies to how we respond to climate change, even touching on issues such as how our democracies work.

€ 20.89 - buy on amazon

Intelligent Automation with VMware, Ajit Pratap Kundan (2019)

An introductory perspective on how machine learning plays an important role in a cloud environment. A comprehensive look in terms of machine learning and integration with automation tools, between data center operations management and artificial intelligence techniques. Everything you need to know so that high-performance computing on big data can guarantee the desired results, taking advantage of all the potential offered by virtualization and application scalability.

€ 30.99 - buy on amazon

Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook, Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent Hein, Ben Whaley and Dan Mackin (2017)

It is considered the ultimate guide for installing, configuring and maintaining any Unix or Linux system, including systems that manage the infrastructure in the cloud. Fully updated a few years ago for today's Linux distributions and cloud environments, detailing best practices for every aspect of system administration including storage management, network design and administration, web hosting , automation, performance analytics, virtualization, cybersecurity and more. In short, the systems administrator's manual par excellence.

52.91 € - buy on amazon

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