Why does the Mind Flayer look like a spider in Stranger Things?

Why does the Mind Flayer look like a spider in Stranger Things?

We've seen so many over the course of the four seasons of Stranger Things, and we will certainly see some good ones in the latest adventure of our Hawkins gang. Between horrendous monsters and unimaginable connections, we have learned to love all the protagonists of the story a little, some more, some less. Even the villains have had their weight: one of the creatures that most struck and fascinated us (but also terrified, come on) in Stranger Things is undoubtedly the Mind Flayer present from the second to the fourth season.

WARNING SPOILERS : If you haven't seen the Stranger Things 4 ending yet, we advise you NOT to continue reading.

The protagonists of Stranger Things

The story of the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things

In the following season the Mind Flayer had taken possession of many people residing in Hawkins. All thanks to the unconscious contribution of one of the main characters. The monster, we remember, in that circumstance had transformed people into Flayed and then sacrificed them and thus increase its power. Finally, in the Season 4 finale we discovered that the Mind Flayer was part of Vecna's master plan, and that Vecna ​​was behind all the attacks on Hawkins. For years Vecna ​​has acted from the Upside Down, trying to get to Eleven and take revenge: first he did it by sending the Demogorgons, then by creating the Mind Flayer in the peculiar form of a giant spider.

Why is the Mind Flayer a spider?

Now let's get to the point: the reason for the transformation of the Mind Flayer into a spider. According to what was reported by screenrant.com and as we saw in the fourth season, it all began in the mind of One, who had a predilection for spiders since he was a child. He was fascinated by her, and still is, especially by the Black Widow. He considers them animals capable of putting order in total chaos. Not only that: the villain forms a strong bond with these animals to make them seem almost family, describing them as "misunderstood" and "solitary creatures", with which he feels he can relate. In the end - we guessed it right in the last episodes of Stranger Things 4 - that's exactly how the character himself feels inside.

Read also: The 8 best moments of Stranger Things 4 Following the last season on Netflix, we realized how similar Vecna ​​and spiders are. At the same time we began to understand the reason that prompted the main villain of the story to give the Mind Flayer that appearance: Vecna ​​modeled it in the thing that he has admired for the longest in his life, namely spiders. The Mind Flayer not only has the appearance of an eight-legged animal, but operates in a similar way to the Black Widow, thus demonstrating that Vecna ​​simply wanted to bring to life the creature she has always dreamed of and to which she feels closest. It is no coincidence that the Black Widow immobilizes its prey and feeds on the weakest, exactly like Vecna ​​(on Amazon the Vecna ​​t-shirt).

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