What to expect from Death in Netflix's The Sandman?

What to expect from Death in Netflix's The Sandman?

The arrival of The Sandman, the Netflix series based on Neil Gaiman's cult of the same name, is one of the most anticipated moments by subscribers of the Reed Hastings platform. After the profound disappointment aroused by the serial transposition of Resident Evil, Netflix, which in recent times has been the subject of a die-off of subscriptions, needs a successful series that brings it back to the good graces of the public and Sandman has all the credentials to become a turning point for the streaming service. Since its announcement, The Sandman has been greeted by purist fans of the paper original with a mixture of trepidation and skepticism, especially regarding some casting choices, which have focused in particular on one question: what Death in The Sandman will be like. ?

What will Death be like in The Sandman, Netflix's transposition of Neil Gaiman's cult?

Gaiman has always lined up alongside the production of The Sandman, showing to have appreciated the choice of the interpreters of the characters of his famous comic. By death, Kirby Howell-Baptiste was chosen, a black actress who was the subject of criticism, but who also had the full support of Gaiman himself. Gaiman himself took the opportunity to give anxious fans an idea of ​​what to expect from the Death of The Sandman branded Netflix:

"We have met several Deaths, in the order of hundreds. But Kirby has the distinction of being able to speak honestly in power. This trait of her, and the fact that she plays those dialogues in such a way that you feel you can believe her, have sold me 100% Kirby. We met supermodels, a lot of people even more famous than Kirby, but I couldn't see them as Death, they didn't seem like sportsgaming.win older sister (Tom Sturridge, aka Dream, Ed), capable of keeping him in check. And then Kirby arrived, and I could only think 'I love you, I believe you and you are inside!' "| ); }
"Over the past thirty years, the characters of Sandman have breathed, walked and talked in my head. I am incredibly happy that they can finally leave my head and become real, I can't wait for people to discover how we imagined Dream, and they will discover one of the most refined actors of the moment. It is amazing, and I am infinitely grateful to the actors and everyone who collaborated on Sandman, for making one of my wildest dreams come true. ”

This declaration of enthusiasm from Gaiman, dating back to the early days of the making of the series, gives good hope on how Netflix and the production of the series have approached the realization of a transposition that, touching a real cult, is preparing to be meticulously dissected by fans. A cure that, as mentioned, has focused on the characters, which despite having a different aspect from what we have seen in comics, have been preserved in their essence.

“Most of the time we see a depiction of Death, is focused on the concept of the end, but what the character actually says is 'I was present at the beginning and I will be present at the end', Death is the birth of life. I think there is something really fascinating and cyclical about her role in the world, because it is about the completeness of our journey, and this leads to a vision of a female force, there is much more affection and passion in Death than has been seen in precedence ”

The relationship between Death and Dream is one of the fundamental steps of The Sandman, and the Netflix series needed to find two performers who were united by perfect chemistry to give life to this emotional experience. According to Howell-Baptiste, this goal has been achieved:

“It is very rare to be chosen for a role where you already know so much about the world you are in. Because we both knew our characters so well and were incredibly involved, we got along perfectly. Tom and I have a kind of natural chemistry to create a brotherly relationship ”

Sandman will arrive on Netflix on August 5th

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