What do Metallica think of the tribute in Stranger Things 4?

What do Metallica think of the tribute in Stranger Things 4?

Stranger Things 4 has come to an end, giving us surprises, smiles and pain, but also a memorable musical performance by Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) of the Metallica song Master of Puppets. The Duffer brothers have the ability to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle in the right way, despite the fact that in this last season there was a lot of meat on fire. Yet each character has its own depth, each situation its own sense of being there, so much so that in the end there is no lack of emotions, even if not all characters have the same weight within the story.

Eddie in Stranger Things 4 So as we progressed we learned to know the old and new characters and to feel sorry for each of them. Then, if you think about it, even the less interesting ones, thanks to the connections with others, acquire power as the story comes to life. We saw it during the final battle against Vecna, when team play changed the cards on the table and united all the members of Hawkins' gang from afar: a mixture of actions that only two particular minds like those of the Duffer brothers could bring on. screen smoothly.

The Metallica tribute in Stranger Things 4

Below you can read the words of Metallica and see the video shared on Instagram to thank Eddie:

We were all thrilled to see the final result and when it happened we were completely blown away… It's really well done. It is an incredible honor to have become such an important part of Eddie's journey and to once again be in the company of all the other amazing artists featured in the series.

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According to cbr.com, during The week after the series' season finale, the song's online streams increased 650.3% from those in 1986, the year the song first launched. The week before the finale aired, Master of Puppets video and audio streams had stopped at 1,020,333, but later saw an increase to 7,655,536.

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