Warframe: the preview of the Tennocon news!

Warframe: the preview of the Tennocon news!


Among free to play there is no doubt that Warframe represents a rather important phenomenon. The Digital Extremes title has had its ups and downs, but it has managed to maintain a truly significant fanbase over the years, and make many of the developers' ambitions come true with the latest expansions. The New War in particular represented a remarkable step forward for the general vision of the game, capable of closing a primary narrative line, outlining the game universe in a significant way, and introducing a fair list of novelties that can be further developed in the future (obviously inevitable until the game grinds). At this year's Tennocon, therefore, the fanbase was waiting for a lot of news, and in particular some more solid information on the aforementioned new update called The Duviri Paradox. Well, the information has arrived, and we have been able to hear several previews.

The Duviri Paradox was in fact supposed to be an open world expansion ... and partly it is, but once again it seems that the plan of the developers is to offer a different experience than usual, and not only because it is markedly driven by history.

A cycle of violence

Warframe: The Duviri Paradox is another expansion markedly narrative, with a lot of gameplay variety. The gameplay shown was centered on the Drifter, a sort of "parallel protagonist" belonging to an alternate universe (they are really trendy recently, no doubt about it), trapped in an eternal cycle under the control of a mysterious figure named Dominus Rex. Forced to wander the island of Duviri in search of a way out, the Drifter has to deal with a world completely subjugated to the will of his enemy, so much so that it is shaped by his mind.

This new setting has given shape to a rather interesting demo, therefore, initially built around rather basic stealth elements, but immediately transformed into a sort of action adventure with puzzles and multiple options, including the possibility of obtain special powers through "edicts" after completing certain quests, and exploration on horseback (as long as you can talk about "horse"). The experience seems rather linear, given that with each death one simply restarts from the last unlocked checkpoint, yet the map gives the impression of being very extensive and full of missions. Just to understand, we have clearly seen at least three macrozones - two floating islands and a large cave - much larger than the city from which it all starts, and we do not believe that the contents are limited to these. Curious and pleasant, then, also the possibility to try a taste of the expansion for the players during the Tennocon, through a virtual amphitheater complete with a presenter.

Warframe: Kahl is back, and apparently he will still be playable in Veilbreaker. But when we don't know. Of course, the demonstration did not go into particular details, both to avoid spoilers and probably the bulk of the gameplay news, but each element seemed to us rather inspired, as well as curated to levels similar to what we saw in The New War. We also found the aesthetics of the whole very particular, given that the world of Duviri is totally black and white, and it "colors" only thanks to the player's powers, plausibly indicating the slow weakening of the main antagonist of this quest. .

This curious new piece of plot doesn't seem to be the only Tennocon announcement though. After The Duviri Paradox, in fact, the "good" Kahl-175 has reappeared, a Grineer soldier who has become a fanbase favorite after The New War, which will apparently still have some dedicated content (and playable as him) in a further update called Veilbreaker. In short, the expansion plans of Digital Extremes do not stop there, and the desire to evolve with a fair consistency the basic experience of Warframe with extras that differ from the classic cooperative action of the game seems evident.

A Joe Mad Warframe? Yes Thanks

Warframe: the new frame designed by Joe Mad has style to spare. But for those who love the classic contents ardently, some appreciable goodies have been revealed. Anyone who watched the event on Twitch, for example, could get a Titania Prime; Various digital packages of Tennocon 2022 rich in objects have been confirmed, and finally the new inevitable Prime has arrived: Khora Prime, complete with an enhanced and shiny version of her Venari puppy and a very over the top look that almost reminds an Egyptian ski queen -fi.

The unexpected surprise, however, was the confirmation of a new Warframe much awaited and loudly requested by the fanbase (even during competitions): an armor inspired by a wolf. And even if the frame has not yet been finalized, it is worth waiting for it in earnest, because the artwork to which it will be inspired is the work of none other than Joe Madureira (yes, that of Darksiders, Battle Chasers, and a thousand other things). The design of the frame is undoubtedly spectacular, reminiscent of a sort of monstrous female werewolf - apparently endowed with the ability to manifest spiritual wolf heads - and we are really curious to see how it will be rendered in 3D. In our opinion, it would be enough to capture even 50% of the style of the artwork to have one of the most aesthetically exalting Warframes in the entire game.

Warframe: Khora Prime has a very noble look. In short, on the whole a lot of news: new frames, very rich new expansions, and the confirmation of a support that shows no signs of slowing down. It is difficult to say if Digital Extremes will always be able to maintain these rhythms also for the future, but as long as the community remains active we believe there are excellent conditions. All that remains is to wait for some more gameplay, and some concrete news about Veilbreaker.

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