The 5 books to recover while waiting for Stranger Things 5

The 5 books to recover while waiting for Stranger Things 5

If you are devastated by this last season's finale and hungry for Stranger Things 5, we offer you a succulent list of books that you will surely appreciate in which case you have loved the Netflix series and its recent developments. Not just a simple list to deepen one's awareness and culture, but a real company in these days of seemingly endless waiting.

The mix between cinema / TV series and the literary dimension is one of those historical musts which inevitably returns from age to age. Finding references or elements in common between the two means of expression has become rather simple both for the more accustomed to reading and for those who use almost exclusively television and theater products. With the conclusion of its fourth season, now all the attention of the general public is pouring in the direction of what will be Stranger Things 5, and given all the plot elements pitted in the two volumes to compose this last narrative arc made of steps in forward, with the in-depth analysis of the case, a long and hard wait lies ahead for both historical fans and those of the last hour.

Going beyond the theories of the case and the speculation regarding what one awaits for the future, it remains fascinating to note all the references to both contemporary and past literature within this TV series. Over the years the Duffer brothers have never denied their inspirations during the writing phase, and the massive presence not only of citations belonging to genre cinema, but also to the most established literature. Curiously, such an attitude remains one of the most fascinating features of this TV series, the result of familiar voices and past echoes, but still current from a structural point of view.

The best books to recover while waiting for Stranger Things 5 ​​

En by Stephen King Miss Peregrine - Ransom Riggs' special children's home Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Seven minutes later Midnight by Patrick Ness The People of Autumn by Ray Bradbury

It by Stephen King

Obviously when we talk about Stranger Things we also inevitably talk about Stephen King. The Duffer brothers have never denied the influence of this author on their own history, evident in many details. While waiting for Stranger Things 5, the first of the books could not but be IT, a must have both for all those who loved this last season and the previous ones. Published in 1986, IT is one of the most famous works of the aforementioned author and is linked for many things to the TV series we know. At the center of its plot we find a charming fictional town named Derry, located in Maine, and a group of kids named “The Losers Club”.

Stranger Things 5 ​​books The novel is divided into two parts in which we see these young protagonists fighting against an "indefinite evil" in two different moments of their growth and existence. Hence also the discussion around the genre itself of the book, belonging to the horror dimension, is tinged with very strong elements typical of the coming-of-age story. This unthinkable battle between "the last in line" and a great evil ties in perfectly with what we continue to see in Stranger Things as well. The series itself focuses on a group of young nerds with a courageous soul, in which it is very easy to reflect. In addition, this last season we expanded our gaze on Hawkins herself, with a narrative centrality that could, distantly, remind us of Derry, the town of the book. Presumably we will have more material to ponder from next season in this regard.

From the IT novel a well-known mini television series was made in 1990, split into two episodes directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, and a recent saga film consisting of two chapters. The latter, released in theaters in 2017, was directed by Andrés Muschietti.

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Miss Peregrine - Ransom Riggs' special children's home

Stranger Things 5 ​​books As events progress, the boy will find what remains of this school made up of children drawn by powers that go beyond imagination, all gathered according to what will be the their battle against the so-called Hollow Spirits. Powers, young people who try to discover not only how to control them but what their place in the world will be, their role, an atrocious evil child of greed and a journey that closely reminds us of the aforementioned series for some of its dynamics. Miss Peregrine also had her film adaptation at the hands of director Tim Burton, during 2016.

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Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Stranger Things 5 ​​books At the center of his plot we find this little girl who quite accidentally falls into the lair of a White Rabbit in an attempt to chase him. From this very first fall, she begins her journey into this sort of secret and underground world in which all the rules of rationality she was used to are continually transformed and remodeled when necessary. Yet this little girl continues on her journey to the end, regardless of rationalizing what happens to her and guided by a wholly personal and above all childish point of view that tends to find a personal and simple sense of what surrounds her.

The journey that Alice makes within the aforementioned country is only possible thanks to her "child's gaze", a gaze that will help her on several occasions. We find a very similar if not identical look in the little protagonists of Stranger Things, who in all seasons (especially Dustin) are able to understand the dynamics of the Upside down much better than adults do. Just think of the names of the enemies, or the various simplifications in defining the monsters in play, referring to a particular reading coming from the dimension of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Seven minutes after midnight by Patrick Ness

While waiting for Stranger Things 5, it is also curious to note the journey that its young protagonists have made so far. Theirs was not an easy growth of course, surrounded by complex dramas and moments that in some cases have remained hidden in their depths. All this connects to all the unspoken phrases that are waiting to come out in the course of the next narrative arc, transposing a road for these young men made not only of victories, but also of difficult and complex moments that they will always have to carry inside.

Stranger Things 5 ​​books Seven Minutes After Midnight is a book that addresses precisely this kind of dynamics. Written by Patrick Ness (based on an idea by Siobhan Dowd) and published in 2011. This low fantasy book deals with the story of a nine-year-old boy named Connor O'Malley. During one night this child, hearing a voice outside the window of his room, decides to try to reach it, building up courage. A frightening monster of tangible features meets his step. His goal, he tells him, is to tell him three true stories, asking the young man for his personal truth in exchange. If not respected, the monster will devour him. This narrative pretext offers the writer the opportunity to face all the most intimate and delicate dynamics of the boy, drawing a delicate story and a critique of humanity itself. We also had a film adaptation for this book in 2016, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona.

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The People of Autumn by Ray Bradbury

Written by Ray Bradbury and published during 1962, The People of Autumn is a fantasy-horror novel with familiar tinges for all those who have loved these last few seasons of Stranger Things. The plot underlying the story is not even too complex, but in its entirety and in the way in which the writer himself develops the events around the protagonists, it is almost impossible not to think about the aforementioned product, thus presenting itself as a perfect accompaniment in our list of books. to wait for Stranger Things 5.

Stranger Things 5 ​​books At the center of it all are two 14-year-olds, Will and Jim, who grew up in a small town in the American province of Illinois: Green Town. Both were born on Halloween night (specifically Will was born one minute before midnight and Jim one minute later). Neighbors and diametrically opposed family dynamics, these two will find themselves having to deal with a special amusement park with rather gloomy features, in a clash that will put a strain not only on their courage, but also on their own relationship. In addition to the classic elements imbued with magic and mystery so dear to the author, we also find an interesting use of the so-called freaks, translated into a literary and temporal context (the story takes place between the forties and fifties) in which the writer also talks about youth, life and death.

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