The 13 potential catchphrases of summer 2022

The 13 potential catchphrases of summer 2022

Let's face it right away. There are catchphrases and catchphrases. The first are the ones that stick in your head and you don't take them off anymore, which are tamarri, who talk about the sun, the sea, the sand and after 10 days that they are out you can't take it anymore. The others are more subtle, they get inside you little by little. And they are, in fact, just good songs. So, after so many years of listing, among various ironies, the summer hits, this time we do an endorsement and name the song we liked the most last year. It's Makumba, by Carl Brave and Naomi, a song about a rather special love story, one that you don't really know what it is, but you don't want anyone to want it badly. It works at the seaside, in the mountains, and even at the end of summer. And even a year later, so much so that we still have it in mind.

In general, however, there is a certain change. This year, in particular, the abused summer formulas seem less exploited to us: reggaeton, Latin music, and, above all, songs in Spanish. We tend to make up for a lot of the sixties (see the songs of Carl Brave and Noemi or that of Fedez), or the disco of the seventies (the songs of Elisa, Raf, and also Ditonellapiaga, which is not on this list, but deserves a listen). Many, above all, choose to be themselves. So here is our list of potential summer hits. The first, after many years, without Giusy Ferreri…

Hula-Hoop, Carl Brave and Noemi Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Hula-Hoop this time is a pure summer song. We are talking about Ferragosto, and, as the typical understatement of Italian indie music dictates, we are not in exotic places but in Terracina. It opens with a delicious little guitar that tastes of Hawaii, and closes, coherently, with an “Aloha”, while the unmistakable flow of Carl Brave runs along with Noemi's voice, with which it blends very well. "You who put down, but if you call I come / At the cost of hitchhiking / Balancing inside a hula-hoop / And maybe today it is time to detach-care-care / Take a helmet and let's go to the sea, the sea, sea ​​". In short, it is still that half-hearted affair that is all we have left, and it brings to mind those summers in which we did some folly to reach our love. Between everyday life and science fiction "Drink the white in summer that you don't drink red / The beach at night looks like the planet / Red, red, red, rough sea". Hula-Hoop is a delightfully retro song, a bit '60s, a bit "cantautorap", that is pure Carl Brave. With a moment in which we seem to listen to a classic like Claudia Mori's Non Happening More. How can you not love her?

Cherie, Raf Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

And in the end comes Raf. After seven years of silence, someone who knows something about summer hits comes back. Self Control, I pretend, Animal beat, You are the most beautiful in the world, Infinity are just some of the hits of one who was among the first to make real pop in Italy. And he returns with Cherie, an irresistible piece that tastes of the past, from the 70s disco of the Chic, to the funky and his 80s hits. A song that says “I love you” in all languages ​​of the world, mentions John Lennon's Instant Kharma lyrics, and especially his Self Control in the music (2.10 minute, you will wait for it every time you listen to this song). When everyone mentions the eighties, he who lived them can do so with good reason. "Anything is possible / Cherie, amour, on this summer night / Come I'll take you away with me / My sweet, sweet love, I'll take you dancing".

I Love You Baby, Jovanotti and Sixpm Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Jovanotti's song is also from the Seventies, but more for the title, I Love You Baby, which immediately evokes Gloria Gaynor and Can ' t Take My Eyes Off You. "Listen / There is a song from many years ago / That seems to be written now / I don't even remember how it does it anymore / But the lyrics say / Something like / I love you baby / It wasn't clearer than that". The text evokes the sacred scriptures ("on the road to Damascus") and the 1970s disco, on a music with melodies that have something of the Middle Eastern. "A mix between Celentano and the future" defines it someone on YouTube. To us it also seems a bit like Dargen D’Amico, who by dint of resembling Jovanotti, ended up being Jovanotti who resembles him.

Tropicana, Boomdabash feat. Annalisa Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

On the starting grid, in the first places, they cannot miss them, the Salento Boomdabash who, like the geckos, appear as soon as the sun begins to heat up a bit. Boomdabash seem to play spin the bottle every year. They go around, and each time a girl arrives to collaborate with. In recent years the bottle has ended up on Loredana Bertè (Non ti dico no) then on Alessandra Amoroso (Mambo Salentino) and on Baby K (Mohicani). This year the choice fell on Annalisa, one of the most refined of our pop singers. Their hit this year is named after an old Italian group hit, Tropicana. Boomdabash insist on certain slightly stinging sounds, they like them when they go to ragamuffin and dancehall, but Annalisa's clean and clear voice gives the song an edge: she has such class that she manages to make everything elegant. And it seems that the song is also going strong abroad. "And damn the summer / With the sound of sirens, cicadas / Tropicana, bittersweet dance / Dance even if the storm comes".

Tribale, Elodie Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from .

Like Annalisa, Elodie too has completed her transformation into a perfect pop star. Compared to her colleague from Savona, she focuses on a more pushed and ostentatious sensuality: it is her figure, and it works. La Tribale di lei, as the title promises, adds tribal percussion breaks to a rather traditional song, which winks at the classic disco, with straight and fast speakers. The story is about a finished holiday love, another narrative topos of the catchphrase. “I have left of you / A reflection of the sea / A tribal sign”, reads the text. And percussion is linked to the word “tribal”. Little pop stars grow up, and make us dance.

Litoranea, Elisa with Matilda De Angelis Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

But if we talk about voices, Elisa gives Monfalcone (it's in Venezia Giulia, if you don't know it yet) has an edge over everyone. We left it to dominate in Sanremo, with O Maybe it's you, a beautiful, intense, symphonic song. Now we have his version of "summer song", it is obviously very refined. Litoranea is signed by Calcutta, with that poetic of the little everyday things typical of India. "Half an orange soda remains in the fridge / Amara as when I think of you / What do I do with a walk? / I almost go running". We start with keyboards and Elisa's unique voice, then dance to funky and disco notes. Next to Elisa, in the voice and in the nostalgic video in Super 8, there is Matilda De Angelis, one of our most fascinating actresses. And nothing, this duo already loves each other. And also in Calcutta, of course.

It's raining in the disco, Tommaso Paradiso Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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