Surfer Boy Pizza issue in Stranger Things 4 is working

Surfer Boy Pizza issue in Stranger Things 4 is working

In terms of quirks Stranger Things 4 doesn't stop. Let's go back to talking about the Netflix TV series by reporting a curiosity that could leave fans amazed. You know the new character introduced in the fourth season? We are talking about Jonathan's friend, Argylle, played by Eduardo Franco. The long-haired man who lives off smoke and works at the Surfer Boy Pizza pizzeria in Stranger Things 4 is driving the club's yellow van, the side of which has a telephone number for orders.

Surfer Boy Pizza's van in Stranger Things In Stranger Things 4 this detail is not important for the plot itself, but the means of transport is, because without it reaching certain destinations and solving certain problems would have been impossible. Now we learn, thanks to a Tik Tok user, that the phone number on the van actually works! A guy tried to compose it and this is the result (the video is in English):

@yonkavision Well I say try before you deny! # strangerthings4 #fyp #foryoupage #strangerthings

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In the video you can hear a message recorded by Argyle (on Amazon you can find the Surfer Boy Pizza t-shirt):

Surfer Boy Pizza, talk Argyle. Everything is fresh here at Surfer Boy, except for our pineapple which comes from a can, but I still recommend putting juicy pineapple on top of the pizza. Oh, you say fruit on pizza isn't good? Well, I say: 'try before you say it'!

We have already heard these words during the episodes of Stranger Things 4: they are the same that the young man repeats when someone calls the Surfer Boy Pizza pizzeria to order food. In short, a good idea for Netflix and the Duffer brothers!

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The story will mainly take place in Hawkins, and there will be a lot to be said about the Upside Down as well. We revealed great information in volume 2, but it all relates to Vecna, Henry and his journey. We haven't discussed exactly what the Upside Down is instead… The big revelations that will arrive in Season 5 of Stranger Things mainly concern the alternate reality itself, which we have only hinted at so far. In episode 7, in fact, there is a moment in which we realize that time is stuck there in the past.

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