Namex, traffic and afferents tripled in the last three years

Namex, traffic and afferents tripled in the last three years


On the occasion of the last Namex Annual Meeting 2022, held in Rome on June 22, 2022, the results of Namex for 2021 were disclosed, showing that the main Internet interchange point in the center-south has tripled its users and traffic during the 'last three years. A sharp and sudden growth, the result of the ferment and evolutions taking place in the telecommunications sector in Italy.

In the course of 2021 alone, Namex welcomed 29 new network operators and increased its traffic by 36% compared to to 2020, which had already been recorded as a year of extraordinary growth, also thanks to distance learning and smart working. The growth trend continues fast also in 2022, with a further increase of 60% on the average traffic peaks.

These numbers are mainly due to the sudden growth in the consumption of streaming, live and on demand content. so rapid that it triggered a paradigm shift in the telecommunications sector, changing the overall balance of the Italian Internet network.

This evolution was at the center of the NAM 2022 - Namex Annual Meeting, the event, with over 350 participants in the presence of more than 200 companies, which involved some of the protagonists of this epochal change.| ); }
At the center, “Keep Ukraine Connected!”, the project on the conflict in Ukraine focused on the importance of keeping the Internet infrastructure active in a war scenario with the direct involvement of a Ukrainian Internet provider that explained the effort in keeping the entire telecommunications network in place during the war conflict.

NAM 2022 ended with a panel involving DAZN CEO Stefano Azzi and CEOs of some of the main operators involved in the Single National Network project.

Precisely to support the technological and infrastructural development of the future Internet network of Southern Italy , Namex opened at the beginning of 2022 an interchange point based in Bari, which joins the traditional Roman hub.

" In particular, we observe an unprecedented growth in demand for streaming content, both live and on demand. To support operators active in Southern Italy it is therefore essential to have several regional hubs distributed over the territories. Among the other projects in progress, the opening of Namex Bari certainly goes in this direction ".

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