Kubota Pack: We played the new Farming Simulator 22 DLC

Kubota Pack: We played the new Farming Simulator 22 DLC

Kubota Pack

Three months after the Antonio Carraro Pack, Farming Simulator 2022 returns with another additional content, this time dedicated to one of the most important companies of Japanese origin: the Kubota Pack.

Clearly who approaches Farming Simulator 22 as "Simple" management / simulation will not feel who knows what vibrations with respect to these continuous additions and additions to the machine park of the product. Fans, on the other hand, can only rejoice in a DLC that brings with it 9 new vehicles, all by Kubota.

We fly to Japan

Kubota is a Japanese company born actually to do anything else (installation of water pipes and ducts). Over time, while still maintaining a supply chain dedicated to hydraulic installations, the company has moved on to the design, development and construction of agricultural machines, tractors, industrial engines, as well as gardening machines and small tractors. In general, Kubota's approach is to provide easy handling, reliability and great safety.

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The complete list of tractors included in the Kubota Pack is the following:

Kubota M5, M6, M7, M8 Series Kubota R640 Kubota SSV75 eADV Kubota SVL97-2 Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick Kubota RTV-X1140 Kubota M77 Kubota LA 2255 Small detail, not indifferent to the most attentive to the precision, is that together with this filling of the vehicle fleet, the Pack will also integrate the clothing of aspiring farmers, obviously all under the Kubota brand.

Farming Simulator 22 The focal point of the Kubota Pack, therefore, net of the beauty of expanding the purchasing possibilities, is probably to make the driving simulation of Farming Simulator 2022 more fluid and relaxing. Indeed, Kubota tractors, equipped with great visibility in the cab and smooth steering like a small car, considerably increase the ease of action of the driver, even within medium-sized plots.

A real Kubota in action The DLC has no impact on gameplay and game structure in the least, except for what concerns the mere content side (almost exclusively aimed at small and medium-sized tractors). It is therefore superabundant to repeat how satisfying Farming Simulator 22 is from a fun point of view and how pleasant it is from a graphic point of view. However, as always, we can underline the good technical work carried out also for this additional content, undoubtedly well integrated within the video game quality standard.

In conclusion

In conclusion, It's hard to recommend or not to buy the Kubota Pack. Undoubtedly, tractor and agricultural enthusiasts, as well as hardcore completists, will want to get their hands on every Farming Simulator 22 DLC. However, we must warn: the Kubota Pack has many interesting tractors, but if we exclude their incredible handling, the impact of the same on the gameplay is far less than the Antonio Carraro Pack, which remains the real unmissable DLC of the title.

Farming Simulator 22 expands with the Kubota Pack

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for GIANTS Software. Not only have they gone back – way back – to deliver a physical edition of Farming Simulator 19 – Ambassador Edition to the masses, but they’ve also been working on additions to their latest game, Farming Simulator 22. The latest of which is the Kubota Pack.

Available today to purchase, download and add into Farming Simulator 22 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia, the Kubota Pack adds in a high demand brand to the game.

It is found introducing the multinational corporation Kubota that originated from Osaka, Japan over 130 years ago to the globally acclaimed series, as the roster expands by some eleven new vehicles and tools, all focused on the industry-leading brand.

Included in the Farming Simulator 22 Year 1 Season Pass and featuring the Kubota M8 – The Farmer’s “Office With A View” – we find this pack delivering on the the largest Kubota tractor to date. With its spacious cab interior and an all-round view to oversee fields, the tractor promises virtual farmers the best seat in their farming office.

Whilst the M8 is the big draw, also featured are M5, M6, and M7 tractors, as well as skid steers, track loaders and utility vehicles, to handle day-to-day farming tasks like loading and transporting goods with modern, versatile and powerful tools.

With two capable utility vehicles, including the fast and agile Sidekick and the versatile and durable RTV-X1140, players can quickly deliver products or discover and roam the lands – even together with some companions in the passenger seats. New outfits are added to the wardrobe, too. And then further to that, players can put on their Kubota-branded clothes to show off their brand affiliation.

You’ll find the Kubota Pack included in the Year 1 Season Pass, or individually across the digital stores of Xbox (£10.74 from the Xbox Store), PlayStation, PC and Stadia. Expect to be treated to a physical boxed release on PC in selected regions such as Germany, France and the UK.

DLC Description:

Enter your wheeled new office in Farming Simulator! With the Kubota Pack for Farming Simulator 22, you extend the agricultural fleet of your farm with eleven new vehicles and tools by the multinational corporation that originated from Osaka in Japan, over 130 years ago. Including the Kubota M8, the largest tractor of the brand to date, with its spacious cab interior and an all-round view to oversee your fields, from the best seat in your farming office. Also included are the M5, M6, and M7 series as well as a wheel loader, a skid steer loader and other heavy machinery by Kubota to handle your day-to-day farming tasks with modern, versatile and powerful tools. With two capable UTVs to roam and discover your lands or quickly deliver produced goods, you expand your garage with even more enjoyable vessels painted in the colors of the industry-leading company. If that isn’t enough, check the wardrobe to find some new Kubota-branded clothes for your character!

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