Inflatable mattresses | The best of 2022

Inflatable mattresses | The best of 2022

Sometimes it happens that you have to host friends and family at home for one or more nights for a variety of reasons. If you don't have enough rooms or if you don't want to spend hundreds of euros to buy a traditional mattress or to stay in a hotel, then inflatable mattresses could be the ideal solution and not just for economic reasons.

Inflatable mattresses, in fact, tend to cost less than traditional ones, even if you can still exceed the threshold of 100 euros if you buy high quality models with memory foam layers. This kind of mattress, as mentioned, will be appreciated not only for the affordable prices and for the ease with which to solve the problem of a possible guest with a short or medium term stay, but also for the adjustable rigidity, guaranteed by the swelling. This feature allows you to adapt the mattress according to your needs, which is why in some cases it may even prove to be better for relieving back pain than a traditional mattress.

With double inflatable mattresses, in addition, the partners have the ability to adjust the stiffness of the surface for each side, so that everyone can choose the most suitable comfort for themselves, as long as there are two integrated air chambers. Details such as these will be explored in the second part of the article, as well as those relating to the two types of inflatable mattresses available on the market which, we anticipate, can be from home and travel. Below, however, we will report the best models, taking into account both types, in order to allow anyone to make a good purchase.

The best inflatable mattresses

Intex 64448 | From home Intex 64418 | From home Pavillo 67000 | Bestway 67002N Travel Bag | Travel Nekano | With cushion

Intex 64448 | From home

If you have had anything to do with swimming pools, you know that Intex is among the best brands, but you might be surprised to find that the well-known company is also among the best in the inflatable mattress sector. Intex 64448 is its most sophisticated proposal, perfect for those looking for an alternative to the traditional mattress, able to offer almost identical comfort to that of a classic mattress. Given its large dimensions in height, it is clear that it will be used exclusively for internal use, also because the structure is similar to that of a normal bed with backrest. The latter ensures that the mattress becomes a decorative element of the room, as well as protecting the head from the wall. The dimensions are 152 x 236 x 86 cm, making it suitable for even the largest and tallest people. This model is also equipped with an integrated electric pump, which ensures inflation in just 4 minutes. In addition to high quality materials, comfort will be guaranteed by Fiber Tech technology, which is useful for ensuring that stability is also optimal. In short, an inflatable mattress for those looking for the best relaxation!

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Intex 64418 | From home

If you need an inflatable mattress for the home but less sophisticated than the previous model, it is worthwhile once again to stay at the Intex home and opt for the 64418 model. In this case we are faced with a solution without a backrest and slightly smaller in size, but still sufficient for the mattress to be used by most people. The dimensions are in fact 152 x 203 x 56 cm, but we point out that this model is also made in smaller sizes, suitable for example for small rooms. There remains the integrated pump for inflation and the high quality materials that we have seen in the big brother, including the soft flocked surface, which will give you a feeling of caress on the face. For less than 100 euros, the Intex 64418 is undoubtedly the inflatable home mattress that offers the best sleep experience.

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Pavillo 67000 | Travel

Let's now turn to inflatable travel mattresses. In this type, the Pavillo 67000 is certainly one of the best, especially for those who need a single and not too large solution. The vinyl structure makes it resistant and suitable for camping or outdoor parties, but it does not detract from the fact that it can also be used as an inflatable bed for internal guests, also thanks to the fact that it can be inflated quickly via a screw valve. Comfort is ensured by the beamed and flocked surface, and it is worth noting that included in the price is a self-adhesive repair patch, useful for preventing the mattress from deflating if it is damaged outdoors. In short, a really great product that, moreover, costs a few tens of euros.

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Bestway 67002N | For travel

If the previous type of inflatable mattress is right for you but you prefer a wider model, then we recommend purchasing the Bestway 67002N. Just like Intex, Bestway also makes excellent, durable and high quality inflatable mattresses. The dimensions of this model are 191 x 137 x 22 cm which, although they do not make it double, are sufficient for two people, as evidenced by the maximum supported weight of 300 kg. The surface is once again flocked, so comfort will be optimal, as well as inflation and deflation, which will take place via a valve. Although it is suitable for travel, with a reinforced repair patch included in the package, nothing prevents you from using it at home, thus revealing itself to be a very versatile product.

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Nekano | With pillow

Most inflatable mattresses have a rather flat surface from start to finish. The Nekano proposal, on the other hand, stands out for the presence of a pillow at one of the two ends, which will guarantee you total relaxation from head to toe. Inflation takes place via an integrated foot pump which, although not as practical as the electric one, will still allow you to fully inflate the mattress in a few minutes. The very light but at the same time resistant materials allow this mattress to be perfect for travel, also because it is waterproof and anti-puncture. Whether it's backpacking or any type of camping, the large thickness, excellent insulation and hand-stitched surface will be able to meet your needs.

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How to choose the inflatable mattress

Choosing the right inflatable mattress for yourself is not always easy if you do not know a series of factors that make a model valid for your needs. Although the quality of the materials plays a fundamental role in this sense, there are actually numerous other elements to consider when buying an inflatable mattress, elements that we will describe below.

What are the types of inflatable mattresses?

Before completing a purchase, it is first of all necessary to understand how and above all where we will use the mattress. The proposals available on the market, in fact, take into account solutions designed for interiors and exteriors. We are therefore talking about inflatable mattresses for home and travel. The two are distinguished by size and comfort, and this should be the first factor to consider when buying.

Home inflatable mattresses should be evaluated by those who usually host friends and family, but are a It is also an excellent solution for young students who share a small apartment. In general, we can say that it is an excellent choice for anyone who does not want to sleep on the sofa, regardless of whether it is one or more nights. Furthermore, inflatable home mattresses are the ones that guarantee the best comfort. The latter comes not only from the materials and the structure, which often has several layers located one on top of the other, but also from the height of the mattress and the shape. In this case, the height is the one that assumes the greatest importance, especially for people who have more difficulty lying on the bed.

Inflatable travel mattresses, as the word implies, are those designed for camping and are easily recognizable by their smaller size than at home, especially for their height. This obviously cannot be too high, otherwise you would not be able to get the mattress inside a possible camping tent, as well as making transport impossible. Inflatable travel mattresses therefore have the advantage of being light, but they lose comfort compared to home solutions, precisely because of the low height and the surface without numerous layers of materials.

Che what size do inflatable mattresses have?

After understanding which type is most suitable for your use, you need to consider the size of the inflatable mattress. The dimensions must not be too small or too high compared to your height, and you should also consider those of the tent, if you want to put the mattress inside it.

Some attention must be given to inflatable mattresses for home , since the latter should respect a minimum height to be considered as such and, above all, to ensure that they offer maximum comfort when going to lie down. Our advice is to check that this type of mattress has a height of at least 40 cm. As you may have understood, the latter is less important for travel solutions, which must leave room for versatility, but you should still make sure that the height is at least comparable to that of a normal mattress, therefore opting for models of at least 15 cm. .

What weight do inflatable mattresses support?

Similar for the maximum load, as this should hold your body weight without any problems. We therefore recommend checking that the maximum load of the mattress is a little higher than your net weight, in order to also support the weight of any bags and accessories. If the load exerted on the inflatable mattress exceeds that indicated by the manufacturer, the walls could tear, irreparably damaging the product. The home models, being larger, clearly support a greater load, usually around 250 kg. Travel mattresses, on the other hand, tend to support a maximum of 200 kg.

How can inflatable mattresses be inflated?

Inflatable mattresses are so defined precisely because they need to be inflated to be able to use them and to enjoy their comfort. The inflation system of these products is not universal, but can be manual or electric pump. The breath system is also worth mentioning, but the latter is now very rare to find in modern solutions, since it requires enormous efforts on your part to ensure that the mattress swells completely. In fact, the procedure takes place through your breath, which could lead to tiredness and headaches if the mattress is of generous size, which is why we suggest you rely on solutions having a manual or electric pump as an inflation system.

The manual pump can be either pedal-operated or by hand, but in both cases it only takes a few minutes to inflate the mattress and little effort on your part, as well as requiring no power supply. Therefore, if you buy an inflatable travel mattress, make sure it has a manual inflation system, unless you are able to carry the required power supply with you. In that case you could opt for a model equipped with an electric pump, which has the advantage of requiring no effort on your part. Inflatable home mattresses will benefit a lot from this system, due to their generous size.

How are inflatable mattresses made?

Although inflatable mattresses do not guarantee the same comfort as a solution in latex or foam, they still manage to offer excellent comfort if they have a series of tricks. The first of these is related to the layer, which should not be PVC, but possibly with a flocked coating, the properties of which make it similar to velvet. In addition to making the mattress softer and more comfortable, this layer retains heat under the covers. The best solution, however, is memory foam, thanks to its ability to distribute the weight of the body evenly.

Another precaution that inflatable mattresses should have in order to approach the typical comfort of solutions in latex and foam is the presence of multiple integrated air chambers, which give support to the mattress and, consequently, to your body. If there is only a single air chamber, the mattress may slowly deflate after a certain period of time, causing a sort of sagging. This problem especially affects double models, so if you are looking for the latter, you'd better buy only those with two air chambers. It could also be good to take a look at the edges of the mattress and see whether or not there is a raised part at the end, useful for supporting the head in the absence of a pillow.


The accessories part is very poor, so you shouldn't worry too much if you don't find much in the package. However, it is useful that there is at least one repair kit, especially in inflatable travel mattresses, which will allow you to repair any damaged area in a few minutes. Finally, if your mattress inflation system is designed to be manual, look for information about whether there is a pump in the package, as in some cases it is not included by the manufacturers.

How to repair inflatable mattresses

Travel models, as mentioned, are the ones most exposed to damage. If you happen to puncture the mattress, you can use the dedicated repair kit (provided it is included in the package) and proceed as follows. If the offending spot is clearly visible, then you can patch the hole quickly. If the hole is not visible, then inflate the mattress and use water and dish soap on the entire surface. At this point, soap bubbles should form in the damaged area. Place a dot on the latter in order to quickly identify it later and apply the patch, then rinse everything.

How long do inflatable mattresses last?

Inflatable mattresses do not have the same longevity as traditional mattresses, as they are designed for occasional use and should not replace a regular mattress. If used correctly and well cared for, however, they can remain in good condition for several years. The best way to extend the life of an inflatable mattress is therefore to take care of it, first of all avoiding drilling it. The measures to reduce the risk of punctures are:

Use it on clean surfaces; Do not allow pets to climb on it; Avoid filling it too much with air; Place it in its bag if it is included in the package.

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