Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 and Glass Palette by Redgrass Games, review

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 and Glass Palette by Redgrass Games, review

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 and Glass Palette by Redgrass Games

The Everlasting Wet Palette of the Swiss company Redgrass Games, which produces accessories for the hooby of miniature painting, has been universally recognized by the most famous artists in the sector as the absolute best wet palette on the market, as we have also been able to verify. during the product review.

Now, Redgrass Games raises the bar by offering the new and revolutionary V2 version of the Everlasting Wet Palette to the market, featuring even better materials and functionality and a reusable semi-permeable membrane that it replaces the semi-permeable sheet of paper of the previous version. Also this new version, as it was for the previous one, comes in two sizes, a smaller one (but larger than the previous version) and a larger one (of the same size as the previous large version).

In addition, Redgrass Games has also launched a phenomenal glass palette, the Redgrass Games Glass Palette, in various different sizes to match those of the various Everlasting Wet Palettes. This glass palette is ideal for using particular colors, such as metallic oil colors.

At the moment the V2 versions of the Everlasting Wet Palette (and the related accessories we will talk about more forward), including the Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 covered by this review, are only available for pre-order on the shop page of the Redgrass Games website, while the reusable semi-permeable membranes and the Glass Palette are already available.| ); }

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2, features and materials

As with the previous version, Redgrass Games' Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 is made with really good materials, which make it a product of exceptional quality.

The container

Let's start by examining the "body" of the product, a rectangular container with relative lid that forms the structure of the Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2. This is made of high-performance polycarbonate, an even more versatile and resistant material than ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), the material with which the previous version was made and the new Painter Lite version, which it replaces on the market the smaller wet palette of the previous version.

In addition, the Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2, with a size of 10.6 ", is as much as 20% larger than the previous version and the current Painter Lite. This allows you to have more space in which to arrange and mix your colors and at the same time still have a sufficiently compact size to adapt even to not particularly large workstations. Obviously, if the workspace is not a problem, the advice is to turn to the Everlasting Wet Palette Studio XL V2, with its 13.5 "size, the same as the previous large version.

Furthermore , the body of the V2 version of the Everlasting Wet Palette, both in the Painter and Studio XL models, is equipped with sliding hooking rails to ensure any accessories that can be applied to the body of the product. These rails replace the magnetic coupling system of the previous version which, although convenient, did not ensure perfect adhesion of the accessories to the body of the wet palette, which is now the case.

The work surface

As we mentioned at the beginning of the review, the great novelty that the V2 versions introduce compared to the past is the replacement of the excellent semipermeable paper, which characterized the previous versions, with a new reusable semi-permeable membrane.

Designed specifically for painting miniatures, the new semi-permeable hydration membrane is truly one of a kind. Its formula allows you to keep your acrylic colors fresh even longer during painting sessions, as well as allowing even longer paint retention times, between sessions.

On this membrane , the paint glides smoothly and the previously used colors can be easily revived. Moreover, thanks to its properties, it is easier to obtain color mixtures and metallic paints no longer filter, as happens with the traditional semi-permeable paper.

In addition, the existing paper sheets are disposable, while this new one , formidable membrane can be cleaned very easily and reused several times. To clean the membrane it will simply be necessary to immerse it in a sink or basin full of water and scrub the surface of the membrane with a soft brush. Before being reused, the membrane will need to be allowed to dry completely.

Specifications ensure at least four reuses, but in our field test, with a little care, we were able to clean it six times and we are currently in its seventh reuse. Included in the Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 box, there is a package containing fifteen of these membranes.

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2, accessories

Not included in the wet palette package , but sold separately, there are two accessories designed for the V2 versions of the Everlasting Wet Palette: the Wavy V2 and the Anti-Spill Pot Holder. These accessories can be applied to the body of the wet palette thanks to the sliding coupling rails that we have already talked about and which are present on each side of the body, thus allowing you to apply up to four accessories at the same time.

The Wavy V2 is a small plastic palette made up of five trays to be used for the management of washes, inks and other very liquid colors, decidedly inconvenient to use on the wet palette. This palette is also shaped to act as a convenient support for the brush. This accessory was already present, magnetized, in the previous version of the Everlasting Wet Palette.

The Anti-Spill Pot Holder is another accessory with a very useful function. This accessory is ideal to prevent some types of color bottles from spilling, such as those of Games Workshop's Shade and Contrast which, as every enthusiast knows, are extremely subject to this unexpected event, causing painters to externalization of strong feelings through colorful insults.

The Redgrass Games Glass Palette

The Redgrass Games Glass Palette has been specially formulated for the use of oil colors, pigments, high density acrylics, metallic colors and for the technique of dry brush.

Made in three sizes to adapt to the measurements of the Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2, Studio XL V2 and Lite, this glass palette can be safely housed inside the wet palettes, after prior removal of moisturizing foam and semi-permeable membrane / paper. Doing this will keep the oil colors safe and stable, so that they are ready and reusable for the next painting session.

Solid and made in a neutral gray color that does not alter the visual rendering of the colors placed above it, the Glass Palette is made of thick and resistant glass, extremely easy to clean. The dried acrylic paint comes off without any effort, while the oil colors can be cleaned with the wipe of a cloth moistened with a solvent, such as white spirit. The glass palette can then be reused repeatedly, which is a clear advantage over plastic palettes, which are in fact "disposable". Obviously, although resistant, it is always glass, so it must be handled with care to prevent it from breaking into a thousand pieces.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the review, the wet palettes made by Redgrass Games are considered by all fans to be the best product of this category on the market. With this new Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 the Swiss company sets a further new standard, further improving an already excellent product of its own.

The level of dilution that this wet palette is able to produce is extremely stable, thanks to the particular materials used, of decidedly higher than average quality and even higher than those of the previous version. The lid tightness was excellent, which during our tests allowed the color to remain fluid and usable even after well over a week. Furthermore, the lid itself, in case of need during a particularly complex painting job, can easily accommodate the second moisturizing foam, effectively doubling the surface available for mixing colors.

The accessories are also extremely useful that it is possible to add, which allow you to better manage washes and inks and to have the color bottles safe from overturning, thus making the Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 a truly complete work tool.

We can only say excellent words also for the Glass Palette which, as we were able to verify during our tests, is a further added value that no painter should miss in his arsenal of work tools, especially if beyond he also uses pigments and oil colors to the classic acrylic colors.

After what has been said so far, we can only recommend the purchase of an Everlasting Wet Palette in the V2 version, including the two accessories, and a Glass Palette. We believe that the cost of these products, slightly above average compared to competing brands, is fully repaid by the quality of the materials and the performance provided.

A product aimed at…

The Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 and the Glass Palette, due to their excellent qualities, are products that appeal to all lovers of miniature painting and scale modeling, of any level of experience and skill. Given the enormous potential of these products, they cannot be missing from the armamentarium of every hobbyist who wants to facilitate their workflow and improve their technique.

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