Tesla's Full Self-Driving helps avoid minor accidents

Tesla's Full Self-Driving helps avoid minor accidents

Those who live and drive in the city have certainly risked, at least once, to hit with their car a door suddenly opened by a car driver parked a little distracted: it is a concrete risk posed by the roads along which the cars are parked parallel to the direction of march, especially in cities where there is little space and the streets are continuously narrowed to give more space to pedestrians and cyclists - a bit like what has been happening in Milan in recent years. Fortunately, the technology is meeting us in this sense, and specifically we are talking about the Tesla Full Self-Driving autonomous driving system, which following one of the most recent updates has seen a marked improvement in the reaction of the car when these episodes occur. unpredictable and potentially very dangerous.

Federicovecchio.com In the video that we report, published on Twitter from the Whole Mars Catalog page, we can see a Tesla Model 3 in a driving phase with Full Self -Driving activated: in the video, even if in low resolution, you can see a door opening far from the nose of the Model 3, which decides in an instant to widen to the left (also thanks to the empty lane) to avoid the obstacle, to then reenter the right lane and continue its run. Unlike what happened in the past, this whole maneuver took place smoothly and gradually, without sudden and potentially dangerous movements.

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta reacts quickly to pedestrian exiting their car $ TSLA @elonmusk https : //t.co/kgnFQcmOun pic.twitter.com/XFUGxG1RAC

- Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) July 9, 2022| ); }
It would be interesting to understand what would have happened if the lane on the left of the car had not been free: how would the car have behaved in that case? Would he have braked to avoid the impact or slowed down enough to wait for the left lane to clear? Impossible to answer today, but every day that passes the number of tests and situations that Full Self-Driving has to face increases more and more, continuously improving its skills and reactions.

Soft and less sudden maneuvers performed by Full Self-Driving are one of the main innovations brought about by Tesla's latest software update: in this way those on board can really relax while the car drives almost completely autonomously. It is the future, and not too far away, but we will have to get used to it.

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