Energy drink for gaming | The best of 2022

Energy drink for gaming | The best of 2022

The gaming world has now embraced more and more reality. Gaming is no longer an activity linked to a narrow niche, today there are various and diversified groups of players who love to approach everything that this entertainment medium has to offer. There are those who play for pure fun, and those who have made this hobby their job and to always be in shape, many companies have created a series of energy drinks that are perfect for video games.

To date, there is already a wide choice of different energy drinks, each with its own brand, tastes and characteristics. If you are a player who loves to participate in export events, or simply a fan who wants to enjoy a healthy game accompanied by a tasty energy drink, here is the buying guide for you.

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Gaming energy drinks, the best

LevlUp: the energy drink for all tastes LOOT: perfect for increasing reactivity Game Changer: the energy drink with low sugar content Up-Grade: perfect for increasing concentration Monster: the energy drink for everyone Red Bull: the traditional energy drink

LevlUp: the energy drink for all tastes

Let's start with one of the best-known brands in the energy drink sector for gamers. Let's talk about LevlUP, the gaming booster that has now depopulated the network. Available in an innumerable variety of flavors, from the most classic to thematic ones for the various annual seasons and a series of special editions. Anyone who is curious to taste these products will find in LevlUP a safe ally, thanks to the huge choice made available constantly.

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LOOT: perfect for increasing responsiveness

LOOT, on the other hand, is an energy drink for gamers with less choice in terms of taste, but no less deserving than the other choices on the market. In addition to selling products individually, LOOT also offers a package that allows you to taste all seven flavors available, plus the various components you will need to prepare your energy drink.

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Game Changer: the low-sugar energy drink

The Energy Game Changer drinks, on the other hand, offer a series of low-sugar multivitamin drinks. This also meets all those who prefer to ingest less sugar in their body, but who, at the same time, are interesting or curious to try these energy drinks suitable for gaming. Also in this case, the proposed flavors will be able to please everyone thanks to an excellent variety of flavors.

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Up-Grade: perfect for increasing concentration

As the Up Grade slogan says, this umpteenth type of energy drink for gaming promises to give you greater concentration in eSports, but also in gaming sessions where you need to constantly keep a nice high concentration. From fresh to more exotic tastes, this Energy drink is perfect for those who love fruity, energy-rich drinks.

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Monster: the energy drink for everyone too

On the net, of course, it is also possible to find more “traditional” energy drinks. The Monster, for example, is just one of the most striking examples. Although not advertised as an Energy drink for gaming, this kind of drink with different flavors is still capable of giving you the energy you need to compete with your opponents at best or to overcome a very demanding part of a particular title. .

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Red Bull: the traditional energy drink

We close with another traditional energy drink but which, just like Monster, is also excellent to combine with videogame performances. It is Red Bull, one of the first energy drinks to become extremely popular and which, even if it has few flavors, is still one of the drinks of its kind to be among the most popular and purchased.

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How to choose an energy drink

As you can see from guide, there are several choices on the market regarding energy drinks designed for gaming. Between brands and captivating logos, each of these products offers a series of unique features you can rely on. It is not only the tastes proposed that change, but each brand always tries to grab the audience also thanks to packages with multiple flavors in one or with various extras such as, for example, water bottles from which to drink the energy drink. Now let's see in detail what are the things to keep an eye on before buying a gaming energy drink.

Gaming energy drink

The phenomenon of gaming energy drinks has exploded a few years ago now, when a number of brands such as Levl Up or LOOT began to gain a foothold in the field. To advertise their products these brands have used many recognized figures in the field of streaming on Twitch but also in the eSport world and gradually they have become increasingly popular.

We are talking about energy drinks purely designed for gaming, i which allow you to increase concentration for prolonged gaming sessions or for those who aim to become a professional in the field of eSports. Mainly these are energy drinks that are soluble in a glass or in water bottles, and now the flavors that are present are more and more numerous and varied. These products are sold both individually and together with a series of packages including a bottle with the brand printed on it.

Traditional Energy Drinks

In addition to new brands such as LOOT or Up Grade, also the more traditional brands such as Red Bull and Monster allow gamers from all over the world to quench their thirst. In addition to the more classic flavors, both Red Bull and Monster offer an infinite variety of flavors. In addition to this, there are sugar-free versions.


We have already mentioned several times the presence of different flavors, but the truth is that the current choice allows anyone to choose the your favorite flavored energy drink you are looking for. Whether you appreciate fruity and fresh flavors or something more sophisticated, the variety of proposals on the market will allow you to find the perfect taste for your taste buds. If you prefer other types of flavors besides fruit, know that the Level Up and LOOT energy drinks offer a wide choice, within which you can find cola or iced tea flavors.

Low-sugar or sugar-free energy drinks

Many of the energy drink manufacturers are also offering a range of low-sugar flavors. If you are looking for a sugar-free energy drink, however, the best choice is still Red Bull, which is able to give wings even without exaggerating with extremely sugary drinks.


Almost all gaming energy drinks have their own dedicated bottle. Each brand offers its own unique version that differs from all the others not only in terms of the logo or colors, but the entire design and shapes change from one energy drink to another. It often happens that different flavors are also sold in a package including a bottle.

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