Camping Stoves | The best of 2022

Camping Stoves | The best of 2022

If you like to stay in touch with nature and want to be independent while hiking in the mountains, camping stoves are perfect tools that will allow you to prepare your meals without the need for restaurants, huts and without having to eat only ready-made foods. . Bringing a camping stove with you therefore means having the opportunity to visit all the places we want without incurring mandatory stops.

With the camping stove you can prepare hot drinks, broths, soups and much more. In short, it will be like having a small kitchen always with you, ready to feed you at the time you feel most appropriate. Operation is very simple and within everyone's reach, even if not all camping ovens are powered the same way. The market, in fact, offers the possibility to purchase gas, alcohol, solid fuel and electric models. Each has strengths and weaknesses, which we will analyze in the second part of the article, along with other factors that you should take into consideration when buying.

Read also: Camping tents | The best of 2021 In the following paragraphs, however, we will report what are, in our opinion, the most valid camping stoves currently available on the market, taking into account all types of combustion, thus offering you the opportunity to buy not only an excellent stove , but also the one that best suits your needs.

The best camping stoves

MPM Smile-KN | A Gas Overmont OM-JJStove | Alcohol Swetup Outdoor Ofen Holz 3 | Solid fuel Severin KP 1092 | Duronic HP2 BK Electric | Electric

MPM Smile-KN | A Gas

Let's start by offering you what we believe to be one of the most valid camping gas stoves currently available on the main online stores, namely the MPM Smile-KN. This model has 3 burners, each with independent controls, which make it great for those who want to prepare several of your favorite dishes at the same time in the outdoors or anywhere else you are. The gas outlet is of the G30-37 Mbar type, therefore ideal for butane gas, which boasts a high calorific value. The power of the burners is 2.4 kW, while the gas consumption is 313 grams per hour. With a steel structure, the stove is sturdy and durable, allowing you to use it also for the next few seasons, also because keeping it in good condition will be anything but difficult. In fact, various dust and dirt can be removed in a few minutes, thus keeping the efficiency of the burners always high. Finally, we point out the presence of a lid which, in addition to keeping everything perfectly sealed, allows it to be transported easily.


Overmont OM-JJStove | Alcohol-based

If you want to give up gas burners and opt instead for a simpler and more suitable solution for a single pot, kettle or pan, then the camping alcohol stoves will be for you. Among these, we suggest you purchase the Overmont OM-JJStove which, with about 100 ml of pure alcohol, allows you to prepare your tastiest dishes quickly and easily. In fact, it will be enough to wait 2 minutes for the calorific value to reach a level such as to cook the food. The flame is adjustable and this allows you to have full control over cooking, which will take place on a pedestal suitable for pots, kettles and pans of various sizes. This camping stove is then designed to allow you to store the alcohol inside the device itself, without the risk of it coming out of the container, useful if you need to turn on the stove again at a later time. Finally, the foldable handle makes this instrument easy to carry.


Swetup Outdoor Ofen Holz 3 | Solid fuel

If you prefer to feed the flame through solid fuel, then through branches, leaves, wood and dry grass, the stove mentioned here will satisfy your outdoor cooking needs. The structure of the instrument is very basic, even if it is necessary to point out the presence of a series of measures that allow the fuel to burn while releasing little smoke, in addition to the serrated cross platform, designed to ensure that pots and the like remain stable. Transport and assembly are within everyone's reach and it is also worth noting the presence of numerous accessories in the package, including a barbecue net, a carabiner and a small bowl. Although it is a solid fuel stove, you can also fuel it with alcohol, so that you can prepare food even in the absence of twigs and dry leaves.


Severin KP 1092 | Electric

Among the electric camping stoves, the Severin KP 1092 is undoubtedly the one we recommend to buy, also because at the time of our writing it is in first place among the best-selling models on Amazon, a further confirmation of the its value. The plate is 18 cm and delivers a power of 1,500W, adjustable via a practical temperature control located on the front of the device. Despite being an electric stove, the structure is very compact, with the plate covering almost the entire support surface. This allows you to put it in your backpack and carry it effortlessly, thanks also to the weight of less than 2 kg. The high power and large diameter of the plate allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes in pots and pans, all by simply connecting the device to a power outlet.


Duronic HP2 BK | Electric

If you are looking for an alternative to the model mentioned above, perhaps with two electric plates, then we suggest taking a closer look at the Duronic HP2 BK, which will be appreciated precisely for the presence of an additional plate. This camping stove is therefore excellent for those who want a solution that feeds on electricity and allows them to prepare two dishes at the same time. The dimensions of the two plates are not the same, since one has a diameter of 187 mm and the other 152 mm. This allows the stove to adapt to various types of pots, both small and large. The burners work independently, so you have maximum control over the cooking and relative temperature of both foods. The plates are made of cast iron and are accompanied by two carrying handles, located on the right and left of the instrument. In short, an ideal stove for any need.


How to choose a camping stove

Although any camping stove offers the possibility to bring with it a sort of mini kitchen, there are models with different power supplies that can change the experience of use. We anticipated, albeit minimally, this element in the first part of the article, in which we reported the presence on the market of gas, alcohol, solid fuel and electric camping stoves. Now we will go into more detail, analyzing the functioning of each type, listing the strengths and weaknesses of each with the aim of making you make a targeted and conscientious purchase.

How are camping stoves made?

Camping gas stoves

They are certainly the best if there is no electricity in the place where you are going to go. As the word suggests, these are powered by a mixture of butane and propane gas, almost always present in small cartridges, given the compact size of these camping tools. The cartridges can be connected to the base of the stove, inside the countertop or via a tube.

The latter is the one most used by manufacturers, especially in models equipped with hob-style plates. The positioning of the cartridges affects the handling and stability of the stove. In this regard, the models that implement gas cartridges under the hob are usually the least stable, even if they have the advantage of being very compact. Conversely, camping stoves with separate hobs take up more space but increase stability. It is therefore up to you to choose the most suitable type for your purpose.

The typical performance of camping stoves means that this type is the one that comes closest to a real kitchen, therefore they are excellent for those who want to camp for a long time. Unlike other types of cookers, gas models can also integrate more than one burner, satisfying the needs of several people, thanks to the possibility of placing several pans, pots and kettles at the same time.

The number of burners it doesn't have to be tall, however, as it largely depends on how many people are camping with you. If you are few, a single plate cooker may be sufficient and will not take up unnecessary space and weight during transport. On the other hand, if you usually travel with the whole family then you should consider buying a stove with two or three burners. Finally, it is worth noting that gas camping stoves are subject to regulations in certain countries, which is why you should check if the fuel used by the stove is compliant with the country you intend to go to.

Alcohol camping stoves

As you can imagine, they are based on a totally different operation than gas ones and are suitable for those who want to make sure that their backpack is as light as possible. In fact, camping alcohol stoves take up very little space which makes them good for cooking only for one or two people, also because they are only equipped with a single burner. The power supply occurs clearly through the aid of alcohol, which must be placed inside the dedicated tray, located in the lower part of the instrument.

Regardless of the price, these models are all very basic, therefore we could almost to say that one is as good as the other. The only aspect that might be worth paying attention to when buying a camping stove of this type is the presence or absence of measures that allow the flame to release maximum calorific value and little smoke. This is possible through possible structures with air intakes and accessories such as windbreaks, which reduce the force of the wind.

Camping stoves with solid fuel

They do not differ much from those with alcohol, except for the fact that the flame is fed with the help of twigs, leaves and small pieces of wood, which must be placed inside the dedicated container. The solid fuel models also share lightness and practicality, but do not allow you to adjust the intensity of the flame, as they do not have a dedicated crank. As a result, they tend to be used only in an emergency.

Electric camping stoves

Together with the gas ones, they are undoubtedly among the most popular, because they have all the precautions to allow you to prepare food almost as if you were in front of a real kitchen, with the possibility of regulating the calorific value and having several burners available on a single hob. Furthermore, this type of stove does not require cartridges or cylinders, which still remains a double-edged sword, as it is necessary to have a power outlet to be powered. If you buy a camping stove of this type, make sure the area you intend to go to is equipped.


As transport tools, dimensions play an important role, and here's why you should buy a camping stove that exactly matches your needs. We reiterate once again the importance of the number of burners, on which the final size of the product largely depends. The models equipped with a single burner, in fact, are for obvious reasons the most compact, so if you are looking for maximum compactness you should orient yourself on the latter, bearing in mind that with a single burner you will not be able to prepare food for many people, at least not quickly. The higher the number of burners, the greater the weight. Although these are not heavy tools, carrying an extra couple of kilograms could be much more tiring on long walks.


In some cases, camping stoves are accompanied by a series of accessories, such as barbecue net, carabiners and small bowls. Although they are objects that almost all of us have on hand, their presence inside the package will certainly increase the value of the product. Furthermore, gas and electric camping ovens can integrate a lid which, in addition to protecting the hob when not in use, allows the stove to act as a support surface in closed environments.

Butane and propane camping stoves

As you understand, gas camping ovens can use different gases. These can be of the butane and propane types. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and both are pressurized, which means that the gas is compressed and stored in liquid form. Unlike propane, butane tends not to work well in a cold climate. Furthermore, the containers of the latter are not available in numerous sizes, proving to be more difficult in satisfying certain needs. It is therefore important to know the climate of the place where you will use the gas stove. Propane also has the advantage of being found almost everywhere, from cities to national parks.

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