But what a cheeky! 1, review: love is not always what you want

But what a cheeky! 1, review: love is not always what you want

But what a cheeky! 1, review

If you like romcoms, or romantic comedies (find out everything there is toa> know about shoujo manga with our dedicated article), What a cheeky! (Namaikizakari) by Mitsubachi Miyuki, is the perfect manga for you. Serialized in the semi-annual manga magazine Hana to Yume from November 2013 to December 2021, it was adapted into a live-action short film released on Hakusensha's official YouTube channel to promote the release of the twelfth volume. The manga is published in our country by Planet Manga which presents us a romantic, funny story that shows how much the love we dream of is different from the real one, and it is not said that this is completely negative, on the contrary!

What a cheeky man! 1 - Planet Manga, review “I refused to see that answer that appeared clearly inside me… now I am…”

But what a cheek! 1: I will never admit that I like you

The protagonist of the story is Yuki Machida, a second year high school student, as well as manager of the basketball team, a role she wanted to fill because in love with her senpai, Kido captain of the team of basketball. Apparently Yuki seems cold, difficult to approach, in reality she is a tsundere who appreciates the small gestures and attention that someone gives her, she simply does not know how to express her feelings about her. After all, being an older sister of three male and two female twins, she has always had to repress what she felt, grow in size and let any kind of childish provocation slip over her. However, she hasn't come to terms with Sho Naruse, a rather cheeky freshman a year her junior who also joins the basketball team.| ); }

But what a cheek! 1-Planet Manga, review But when Kido gets engaged to Rina, Yuki's dream of getting together with the senpai shatters and the girl has to deal with her broken heart. Once again it is Naruse who understands the girl's feelings, comforts her in his own way and becomes even more persistent in his somewhat crude and amusing attempts to conquer her. In the end Yuki gives in and falls in love with Naruse, too bad that her difficulties are not over, and neither are her misunderstandings because Yuki is determined not to give in and not to admit that she likes the girl! Will the spark finally break out between the two? And will Yuki be able to be more honest with her feelings?

What a cheek! 1: love can be sweet but also bitter, like chocolate

But what a cheek! 1 - Planet Manga, review What Yuki would never have imagined is that in the end she would fall in love with a boy who is totally opposite to Kido: smaller than her, childish, reckless and even arrogant, with an ego that is a little too huge. In short, Naruse is certainly not the ideal of her! Yet, as they say, her heart is not commanded. After having clashed with what we can define her first disappointment in love, even though Yuki has never actually declared herself to Kido, the girl begins to understand that underneath that air of arrogance and her cheeky attitudes, there is a boy who sees her for what she is, who manages to understand that her somewhat tough character is just a facade and that she is much more. Simply, precisely because she has gotten used to coming after the endless requests of her younger siblings, she has repressed her sweetest character, that most romantic part that dreams of being able to live a love story like any other girl of her age.

What a cheeky man! 1-Planet Manga, review The small gestures full of attention that Naruse gives her, even if very often they go a little too far, will break into her heart, conquering her. Of course, it is hard to admit that you have fallen in love with one of her like him, in short, he is smaller than her and arrogant, not sweet and gentle like her senpai, but you can't go back. Love can be sweet but also bitter, just like chocolate and almost never meets our expectations.

A slightly different shoujo

But what a cheeky one! it is a romcom, or rather a romantic comedy, well done, where you don't fall into the usual clichés of shoujo manga, that is, the protagonist in love with her senpai who crowns her much desired love story, but the opposite happens. What the author describes is more similar to reality, with well-characterized characters, with a unique and particular personality, Yuki herself has nothing to do with the classic protagonists of the shoujo. The two boys together give life to bizarre and funny situations in which the love story itself almost takes a back seat. A story that is not boring, a pleasant and refreshing reading.

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