Apex Legends: team banned for life for outrageous behavior

Apex Legends: team banned for life for outrageous behavior

Apex Legends

If you've played any competitive online game, you're sure to be familiar with teabagging. This is a derogatory practice, which even in Apex Legends players perform and basically consists of pressing the crouch button many times quickly. A joking way, to taunt the opponents who are put to the carpet. However, there are those who do not tolerate this kind of behavior, such as the organizers of the competitive circuit Fate Legion, who over the last few days have taken a very controversial decision, dismissing an entire team because of teabagging.

Let's go in order: Dilly, a pro player of Apex Legends, has decided to make a teabagging after taking down an opponent. The mockery, however, was not aimed at an opponent, but at a teammate, eliminated by the same person that Dilly had just killed. It seems clear, therefore, that the player's behavior was not aimed at offending any opponent, but was more a simple goliardic act towards his teammate, probably considered too poor, at least at that moment. A joke, a completely friendly tease, which however the organizers of Fate Legion have immediately punished in a rather serious way, disqualifying Dilly's team for life.| ); }
The situation is certainly slightly more complex to analyze and if teabagging really deserves such a harsh punishment, then perhaps it would be better to specify it in the regulation. However, it also remains to consider the person to whom he was addressed teased him: not an opponent, but a teammate. Definitely an unprecedented scenario, which we are sure will continue to be discussed by all fans of the Respawn Entertainment home game.

Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends' current season is set to end just under a month from now. Naturally, as the current season begins to wind down, players are growing more curious about the contents of Season 14, with theories and questions overtaking the /r/ApexLore subreddit and various datamining finds being posted to /r/ApexUncovered on a daily basis.

Very little verifiable information on the upcoming season is currently available, but between datamining leaks and some hidden hints from Respawn, we've managed to piece some of the picture together. Keep reading for a rundown of all the content that is likely to make its debut when Apex Legends Season 14 launches.

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Wild cosmetics

A hunting- or safari-themed event appears to be in the works, as dataminers have uncovered a collection of cosmetic items that reflect a wildlife theme. Cosmetics include character skins, weapon charms, and banner frames. These could be battle pass items, but there are relatively few of them, so most players and dataminers assume these items are part of a limited-time event.

An out-of-this-world map

Boreas, Seer's home planet, is the only planet in the Apex Legends universe to have an Arenas map ('Encore'), but no map for battle royale mode. The planet's moon, Cleo was destroyed when Seer was born--an event than many people blame the all-seeing artist for, as demonstrated in a recent animated short released on the Apex Legends Twitter account earlier this week.

Cleo as a map location was also hinted at near the end of Season 12 as well, just after Newcastle's introductory trailer was released, when Respawn tweeted out at image of Newcastle's desk. On his desk was a laptop playing a news reel about Octane's grandfather, Torres Silva, and his recent takeover of the Mercenary Syndicate, the group running the Apex Games. But a closer look at the screen reveals another hint at Cleo's possible inclusion as a map. At the very bottom of the screen, a partially-obstructed news ticker reads, “BOREAS NEWS: Funding for Cleo diminishes, CRC in a deadlock about the moon’s future.”

CRC may stand for Cleo Restoration Committee (or something similar). The humanitarian crisis that erupted after the moon's partial destruction has only gotten worse in the years since Seer left his homeworld, and if the powers that be on Boreas were offered a financially feasible deal that could improve quality of life on Cleo--for instance, an offer from Torres Silva to restore the damaged moon in exchange for permission to use a portion of the moon for the Apex Games--it's hard to imagine them saying no.

A ranged-weapon legend

While it hasn't been confirmed, Season 14's debut legend may be Vantage, a sniper-focused legend whose appearance and abilities were leaked alongside eight other legends back in March.

Image credit: Reddit user /u/YUSEKIROImage credit: Reddit user /u/YUSEKIRO

Vantage's long-ranged skills would obviously work well on a map with lots of elevation. Cleo's giant craters are likely the perfect sniper's paradise, and it's easy to see how well Vantage and Cleo could complement each other. The same leaker that revealed the existence of Vantage and the other eight legends also revealed a new map is in the works. That map's name? Divided Moon.

A mobile crossover

Gun Game recently debuted as one of two new limited-time modes in the mobile version of Apex Legends. The mode requires players to work their way through a collection of weapons, gaining points as they kill other players. The team with the most points wins--but that can be bypassed by executing three melee kills, which instantly wins you the game.

Recent leaks have suggested that both Gun Game and some form of Capture the Flag will be headed to Apex Legends in Season 14.

While all reports of these new features should be taken with a grain of salt until they are verified, it's hard to deny that many of them would make excellent additions to Apex Legends--and so far, evidence suggests that's exactly what they'll do. But until Season 14's additions to the game are confirmed, you might just want to stick to practicing your Gun Game skills in the new season of the mobile game.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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