Xbox Games with Gold, November 2021: from Moving Out to Kingdom: Two Crowns

Xbox Games with Gold, November 2021: from Moving Out to Kingdom: Two Crowns

Xbox Games with Gold, November 2021

It starts November 2021 and with it also come the classic four free games of Xbox Games with Gold, within the classic Microsoft initiative dedicated to subscribers to its oldest console subscription service, or Xbox Live Gold. This is also a month in line with the well-established trend for this program, so there are no major titles in sight but these are four games of some interest, which are, if nothing else, curious to recover since a lot they could probably be missing from the library of most users.

As always, these are two games for Xbox One and two playable in backward compatibility, in this case taken from the Xbox 360 catalog, in any case all of them can be used safely even on the new Xbox Series X | S consoles.

If nothing else, there is a considerable variety of genres in which to range, ranging from a multiplayer party game to a sort of strategy, to an action platform with a classic tradition and a 3D title of the long series LEGO. We also remind you that Hover, present among the Games with Gold games of October 2021, is still available until November 15.

Moving Out - From 1st to 30th November

Moving Out transforms moving into a game with friends There is an established trend in the videogame market that sees the application of physics in not necessarily realistic as an active element of gameplay, and Moving Out easily falls into this particular category of games. It is a "moving simulation", so to speak, in which we have to collaborate with other players to be able to organize a coordinated movement of various objects from one place to another, exactly as happens when you move house. In short, the good old request "help me with the move" that has put so many friendships in crisis in the past completely loses all the most terrible and negative meanings and becomes in effect a real fun, to be lived all in company.

Inside the strange and busy town of Packmore, where removals are evidently the order of the day, we are engaged as "Furniture repositioning manager" in various missions, more information in our Moving Out review.

Kingdom Two Crowns - From November 16 to December 15

Kingdom Two Crowns, a scene showing a night fight Probably the most interesting game of this November release is Kingdom Two Crowns, which we also enjoyed well within our review a few years ago. Coming from an old flash game, the concept of that sort of "fake strategy" has been elaborated and expanded to become a full-fledged indie title, developed by the Noio team. Its peculiarity is the fact of being a sort of strategic but made entirely in 2D and with side scrolling, something very original compared to the genre, to which in fact it only partially refers: it is a question of directly controlling a sovereign in the creation of his kingdom. , exploring various lands, recruiting citizens and collecting resources, to then invest them in the various sectors that make their territories ever wider and richer.

Everything takes place in real time and requires action both quickly and with prudence, to try to make both the economy and the military aspect work in the best possible way. A very particular and interesting title, whose download is really recommended.

Rocket Knight - From November 1st to 15th

Rocket Knight in action in a screenshot, recovering some elements of the original classic Those who have experienced the magic of 16-bit live will surely remember Sparkester, or Rocket Knight Adventures, an action platform from Konami's golden age originally released on Sega Mega Drive and then also on Super Nintendo in a different version, from author of Contra, Nobuya Nakazato. The game discussed here would be a sort of revival of the original title, reworked with a 2.5D style, that is, with 3D graphics but a setting largely set on a two-dimensional plane. The charm of the original pixel graphics is obviously very far from this sort of reboot, however it is still possible to grasp something of the action and the different situations in which the original carried us with its strange world even in this relaunch of 2010.

Also in this case we control the Sparkester armored opossum within various levels, including action, combat, platforms and flights with the integrated Jetpack. After a period of relative tranquility, our hero is once again called upon to save the kingdom of Zephyrus from a new threat, which however hides old shadows within it.

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes - Dal November 16-30

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, an intermission scene with the dynamic duo in action Games with Gold continue to cover the long history of the LEGO videogame series by offering yet another title for the month of November, in this case Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes. It must be said that the LEGO chapters dedicated to Batman are probably among the best products of TT Games, further confirming a union that has proved very fruitful also on the animated film front, where the LEGO Batman character has experienced a truly remarkable success. .

Originally released in 2012, LEGO Batman 2 remains a chapter of considerable importance in the entire economy of licensed video games by the toy building manufacturer, for having introduced at least two major innovations, which have then also characterized the subsequent productions: a remarkable concentration on the dialogues between the characters, which allowed for the first time more complex narrative constructs, beyond simple gags and skits, and an open world setting that was then perfected more and more up to the latest games, so it's a title to be rediscovered.

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