Xbox Game Pass, November 2021: The second wave of games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, November 2021: The second wave of games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, November 2021

We are in a moment of considerable activity regarding the Xbox Series X | S, with the release of Forza Horizon 5 still fresh a few days and the arrival shortly of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, launched by surprise with almost a month ahead of the main game's release. In the midst of all this also places the second wave of games for Xbox Game Pass of November 2021, with subscribers who will therefore have to do the extraordinary videogames to be able to keep up with all this stuff. On the other hand, autumn and the period of approaching the holiday season have always been particularly intense moments for Xbox and this year they really are in a particular way, also given the release of the two big hits in question. So let's take a look at this second batch of games for subscribers, some of which have already been available for a few days.

Dead Space - Cloud, November 16th

Dead Space, a scene of the game with Isaac engaged in the corridors of the Ishimura ship Introduced on the cloud but already present for some time in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog given its presence in EA Play, Dead Space is now a classic of the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation, considered by many as one of the best horror games ever. And with reason, in fact: Visceral's game suddenly popped up as an outsider, finally doing justice to a sci-fi / horror genre that had never managed to find much space among video games and took as inspiration a cult film like Event Horizon. . The result is not only a disturbing horror like few others, but also a very well done third-person action, which introduced a series of innovations and peculiar characteristics that have made school. Waiting to see the remake already announced, the first chapter still makes a splendid figure today.

Dragon Age: Origins - Cloud, November 16th

Dragon Age Origins, an intermission scene The revival of the great titles of the Xbox 360 and PS3 era continues this month with Dragon Age: Origins, an RPG from the time when BioWare was still BioWare, able to pack a role-playing game with a massive production behind it but maintaining all the trappings of the classic genre, without paying much attention to the need to meet the general public. On the other hand, it was considered by Ray Muzyka as "the spiritual sequel of Baldur's Gate", no less, and in fact it maintained several characteristics: beyond the concession to the third-person view, more digestible by console users, but with the possibility to switch to "tactical" framing at any time, the game is complex and deep, with tactical elements and a truly high-profile narrative. It's been 12 years since its original release, but it's still a pleasure to return to Ferelden, with the Gray Wardens, to investigate the Darkspawn threat.

Next Space Rebels - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 17

Next Space Rebels, the construction of a scale model of a space rocket The space race starts from the home garage in Next Space Rebels, a strange simulation that sees us starting from passionate designers of craft rockets up to captain conquering the stars with his own aerospace company. The title developed by Studio Floris Kaayk is something truly bizarre and probably never seen before: it takes something from Kerbal Space Program, but reshapes it in a completely different way, putting together simulation, management and parody, putting us to grips with the wonders of creative design. of spacecraft, with the need to manage a "Startube" channel with which to try to reach a growing audience in order to increase funding and with the need to navigate between the internet and scientific research to find the components for the construction of rockets , more and more complex.

Exo One - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 18th

Presented among the numerous indies belonging to the ID @ Xbox program several months ago, Exo One is a game really very fascinating, considering its particular concept and the atmosphere it manages to evoke.

In many ways it resembles the old Flower, in terms of gameplay, general idea and drive towards contemplation: it is about flying a kind of flying saucer, visiting surfaces of various planets and accumulating incredible accelerations in order to challenge gravity and use it to move from one planet to another, exploring space in a hallucinating journey. Exo One is an experience based on contemplation and aesthetics, between breathtaking views and a suitably atmospheric and relaxing soundtrack, but also managing to be exciting and wonderful. Not quite an action-packed game, but something that really deserves to be thoroughly tested.

Fae Tactics - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 18th

Fae Tactics, a screenshot that shows a combat phase Between an alternative indie adventure and a tribute to the classic JRPGs with a strategic setting, Fae Tactics is truly able to satisfy those looking for a traditionalist game, in the sign of Japanese strategists with an isometric view, and those who want something original, perhaps with characters and story rather out of the lines. The story sees us following a young sorceress called Peony, on a journey through a land full of dangers and exciting encounters. In addition to the parts of exploration and narrative, Fae Tactics focuses a lot on turn-based combats, which take place with the strategic setting and isometric framing typical of the genre in Japanese declination. It is therefore a question of summoning allies, casting spells and building a large group of strange travel and battle companions, entering the midst of the clash between humans and magical beings.

My Friend Pedro - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 18th

My Friend Pedro in a screenshot showing action between platforms and shootings My Friend Pedro returns to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, bringing with him all his incredible style: to see it it seems like a kind of joke, but it is damn serious about the level design and the study of the gameplay for a sliding action game. It is an epic ballad about friendship, imagination and madness, staging the incredible deeds of a man engaged in the indiscriminate elimination of all those who stand in his way, faithfully following the commands given by a banana. endowed with conscience. The premise is clearly bizarre but also its development is no joke: My Friend Pedro goes beyond the limits of the classic stylish action game in a continuous crazy lethal dance that uses firearms, acrobatic skills, bounces and pots to insert even puzzle elements to everything. the whole, transforming what looks like a parody of the genre into a perfect interpretation of it pushed to paroxysm.

Undungeon - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 18th

Undungeon, a scene from the game that shows the strange landscapes and characters We continue with the recovery of the stylistic features of the past with Undungeon, which takes up traditional elements but puts them together in a truly peculiar mixture, starting from the aesthetic aspect that has a particular relief in this game by Laughing Machines. In Undungeon we find ourselves exploring a strange and fascinating world that mixes fantasy elements with somewhat sci-fi visions, taking us on a strange journey through different dimensions and trying to rebuild the now destroyed Multiverse by modifying the surrounding world with the decisions made by the players. All this while you are forced to fight continuously for survival, in the midst of very challenging and stimulating clashes. Represented all in stunning 2D bitmap graphics, Undungeon is truly a sight not to be missed.

Mortal Shell - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 23

Mortal Shell, a scene from the game that shows the eerie and epic atmosphere together A soulslike-style action RPG could not be missing in this batch rather tending to the genre in question. Mortal Shell represents one of the best examples in the genre, obviously beyond the From Software series itself. Developed by Cold Symetry, the game was released in August 2020 and has since garnered considerable attention, earning fame and respect from the audience of fans of Dark Souls and the like. The main element of Mortal Shell is the system that provides a clear change in the style of play and character characteristics through the "Shell", which also give the game its name, while for the rest the general structure from third-person action RPG, the dynamic with a high level of challenge, the importance of the fighting and the general atmosphere I clearly recall the famous series created by From Software.

Deeeer Simulator - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 24

The madness of DEEEER Simulator best summed up in a screenshot Pure and simple madness springs from every screen of Deeeer Simulator, described as a standard "quiet city destruction game". Perhaps taking a cue from Goat Simulator but taking the concept to its extreme consequences, the game by Gibier Games puts us in the fur of a deer with an extendable neck struggling with different, at least bizarre, situations. We can compete with other cronies such as the fearsome giant koala, police sheep, psychedelic zebra and machine bears, or explore the environment on horseback or using flying dragons or by hooking up with other animals to form a fearsome Voltron-style robot with cows and tigers linked together. All perfectly normal in this incredible and highly accurate deer simulation struggling with a quiet town and its daily activities.

Evil Genius 2 - Xbox, PC and Cloud, November 30

Evil Genius 2: the conquest of the Earth passes through an increasingly large and efficient den For all aspiring evil geniuses, the new chapter of the perfect game has arrived: Evil Genius 2! It is a "satirical game of espionage and lair building", or rather a sort of management strategy in which we must engage on several fronts to try to subject the whole world to our evil plans of conquest. On the one hand we must therefore build a den that is increasingly equipped and efficient, using the latest technological solutions (obviously evil) and highly specialized personnel, while on the other we simply have to dominate the world through our fearsome Doomsday device. Between nefarious plots, devious devices and various ruthlessness, we must try to reach the goal by going through the micro-management of increasingly complex structures up to the macro-management of the whole world, all with a typical sci-fi kitsch look. br>
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