Will Elden Ring break the sales record for a From Software game? Bandai Namco believes it

Will Elden Ring break the sales record for a From Software game? Bandai Namco believes it

A few days ago the Elden Ring network test ended, the new work resulting from the collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and the American fantasy author George R.R. Martin, known for the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. The lucky "elected" by Bandai Namco were able to test and study the title arriving on February 25th, subsequently answering questions sent by the publisher himself that testify how the development team is taking to heart all the feedback received, both negative and positive. .

Speaking during its latest funded data, Bandai Namco said he'd like to see Elden Ring sell 4 million copies in its first month of life, making it the From Software title on balance. faster on the gaming market. We wish the best from the new work of the Japanese team that seems to be really promising from what we have seen in a handful of hours.

The title in fact turns out to be at the level of exploration really convincing, with certain locations that they literally leave you speechless. Certainly the frame rate and many assets reused from Dark Souls 3 have made some turn their noses, but in any case the work is fun and satisfying with really important additions to the gameplay such as reposts or the refinement of weapon art. In short, Elden Ring has all the credentials to reach this glorious milestone.

Have you tried Elden Ring this weekend? How did it seem to you? let us know your opinion with a comment below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to stay tuned to our pages to find out more details on the title, which we remember having been nominated at the next The Game Awards as "most awaited game".

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