The script for the sequel to Point Break is ready

The script for the sequel to Point Break is ready

Point Break screenwriter W. Peter Iliff wrote the entire script for a hypothetical series, which would be a direct sequel to the original film, starring the daughter of Johnny Utah, the undercover cop played in the film by Keanu. Reeves. Directed by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow, Point Break, released in theaters in 1991, tells the story of agent Utah as he infiltrates a group of surfers, suspected of also being a gang of adrenaline-addicted bank robbers, led by the charismatic Bodhi. , played by the late Patrick Swayze.

Point Break (link Amazon) is still considered a true work of worship, literally bewitching millions of fans, thanks to the way in which the philosophy of life of the characters, the pursuit of the phantom "endless summer", is presented, in addition to the controversial relationship between Utah and Bodhi, which goes far beyond the simple friend / foe paradigm.

Point Break also had a remake, released in 2015, which however was literally crushed at the box office as, according to the public, it was absolutely not at the level of the original in terms of plot and involvement, despite the numerous and spectacular scenes of action one of which he was rich.

With this hypothetical sequel series, W. Peter Iliff hopes to restore the Point Break name to its former glory. The plot sees as the protagonist the daughter of Johnny Utah who, after a career as a professional snowboarder, which had led her to literally not be able toa> do without the adrenaline rush experienced during potentially deadly performances, decides to "calm down" and joining the FBI as his father, also following in his footsteps as an undercover agent, infiltrating a group of eco terrorists. Apparently, however, even Utah jr will find itself with the same dilemma experienced thirty years earlier by the parent, reaching the point of not knowing which side to take.

Unfortunately for everyone Point Break fans however, the flop of the 2015 remake could still weigh heavily on the realization of future projects in this regard. The Point Break sequel series, at the moment, remains only a script, however complete, with no further information regarding when and, more importantly, if it will actually be made.

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