Suicide Squad: Blaze, the new horror adventure of the Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad: Blaze, the new horror adventure of the Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

DC Comics continues to demonstrate the trust it places in the Suicide Squad brand (the special edition of the film is available at this Amazon link), announcing a new release, in decidedly strong colors and strictly intended for an adult audience, starring the improbable team up of heroes announcing Suicide Squad: Blaze.

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Suicide Squad: Blaze, the first details

Suicide Squad: Blaze, this is the title of the written series and scripted by the same authors of the recent John Constantine: Hellblazer, Simon Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, will consist of three issues in Prestige Plus format, and is already described as extremely more inclined towards horror and extreme situations, compared to all the other previous ones. adventures of the Suicide Squad.

In Suicide Squad: Blaze, the team made up of Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang and King Shark, will have the task of, according to what reported by DC precisely, "contain, care for and , if necessary, terminate "five people who have volunteered to become meta humans by undergoing a super secret process developed by the Government of the United States of America, codenamed" Blaze ".

The subjects subjected to treatment s perimental, thus effectively acquire super powers but, because there is always a downside, they are condemned to die, due to side effects, in a maximum of six months. Furthermore, as if all this were not enough, each of the subjects who dies (or is killed) makes the survivors stronger and more resistant. A kind of slaughter game, basically.

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The six volunteers who underwent the Blaze treatment thus form a sort of "alternative version" (and obviously even more expendable) of the original Suicide Squad, together with which they will have to face a very powerful threat and of which nothing is yet known, except that, according to official statements DC, it will have all the power of Superman but it will be evil and completely inhumane.

Suicide Squad: Blaze, will be available starting next February 8 2022 in the USA.

A new 'horrific and blackhearted' Suicide Squad comic book series coming in 2022

DC continues to show its love for the Suicide Squad with a new mature-readers title for the team in 2022. First reported by Den of Geek, the three-issue Prestige Plus series Suicide Squad: Blaze reunites the creators of the recent John Constantine: Hellblazer series - writer Simon Spurrier and artist Aaron Campbell - for a title that DC calls 'more horrific and blackhearted' than their previous team-up.

'Rather than being the ones who are putting their necks on the line [the Squad are] playing a role of mentoring a group of new characters who really are utterly expendable,' Spurrier says. 

Check out this unlettered, uncolored preview from Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 by Spurrier and Campbell:

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Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 inked page

(Image credit: Aaron Campbell (DC/Black Label))Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 previewImage 2 of 3

Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 inked page

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Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 inked page

(Image credit: Aaron Campbell (DC/Black Label))

In Suicide Squad: Blaze, the team of Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark are tasked to 'corral, nursemaid, and if necessary execute' (as DC describes it) five people who volunteered to become metahumans thanks to a secret US government procedure called 'Blaze.' The good news is that they now have powers, but the bad news is that it'll kill them in six months, maximum. And as each one dies (or is killed), the remaining recruits get stronger.

These new 'Blaze' recruits are like a souped-up version of the Suicide Squad (and in some ways similar to Spurrier's X-Force run from 2014 and 2015).

Together, these two units are being tasked to take down an unnamed threat DC describes as someone 'with all the power of Superman but none of his humanity.'

'If you had a superpowered individual who just wanted to kill people all over the world, what would you do?' Spurrier says. 'The answer I think is that you would find people who are prepared to die to stop them.'

Suicide Squad: Blaze will come just after the current Suicide Squad: Get Joker! is scheduled to end, working to make a 'shadow' second Suicide Squad comic on shelves in addition to the main DCU Suicide Squad book. This not-so-coincidentally comes at a time where interest in the team is high due to the recent The Suicide Squad film and the upcoming Peacemaker TV series and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game.

Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 goes on sale on February 8, 2022 as part of DC's Black Label imprint. 

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