Squid Game | The new merchandise now on Zavvi!

Squid Game | The new merchandise now on Zavvi!

Squid Game is undoubtedly one of the phenomena of the moment: like it or not, the South Korean TV series is one of the most successful Netflix products of recent years, capable of capturing an audience of tens and tens of millions of people in a very short time. worldwide. A truly unprecedented success, further testimony to the huge growth of Made in South Korea entertainment that has been gaining ground for some time now.

How to celebrate your love for the Squid Games series? On Zavvi has arrived the new collection of merchandise dedicated to Squid Game, with a whole series of surprises to be discovered. And there really is something for everyone: T-Shirts, sweatshirts and even Funko Pop! Ready to discover them together?

Zavvi: the new Squid Game merchandise

Iconic T-Shirt Game Play T-Shirt 456 T-Shirt AKEDO X Squid Game high shoes Iconic Sweatshirt Funko Pop! Fleece blanket

Iconic T-Shirt

Let's start with a t-shirt with a standard design but with a sure impact, depicting the "squid game" logo that is often referred to within the series. Made from 100% cotton, with an oversized fit and available in various sizes, this T-Shirt is a great way to show your love for the Squid Game series.

Game Play T-Shirt

Another round another T-Shirt, this time with a truly brilliant design. It is in fact a summary of the six games that the protagonists of the series are facing, from 1-2-3 star to the challenge of caramel up to the final battle. Available in various sizes, and in a white color that emphasizes the illustration on the front.

456 T-Shirt

A simple shirt that will be immediately recognized by Squid Game fans: it is in fact the game uniform of the protagonist Seong Gi-hun, also known as the competitor 456. Available in various sizes and made of 100% cotton, with the unmistakable Squid Game design.

AKEDO X Squid Game high shoes

A pair of Squid Game themed high shoes, with all the design of the series Netflix in a truly unique composition of elements. An item that will surely be appreciated by the most loyal fans of the series, available in many sizes - from 35.5 to 47! - and therefore really suitable for everyone.

Iconic Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt with the same design as the first shirt on the list, made with a composition of 100 % cotton (except for the gray color: 70% cotton and 30% polyester) and, like all products on Zavvi, with official Squid Game license. A perfect alternative for those looking for something warmer for the winter season.

»Click Here To Buy Iconic Sweatshirt

Funko Pop!

The Funko Pop! by Squid Game? They exist, and they are really beautiful! Six models for six characters in the series, each with a unique design and with a surprise: the possibility of buying 3 at a really discounted price, just put them in your cart and that's it.

»Click Here To Buy Funko Pop! - Gihun

»Click Here To Buy Funko Pop! - Sae Byeok

»Click Here To Buy Funko Pop! - Ilnam

»Click Here To Buy Funko Pop! - Wings

»Click Here To Buy Funko Pop! - Sang Woo

Fleece blanket

A fleece blanket available in two different sizes - S and M - made of polyester and suitable for washing at 40 degrees. The perfect solution to warm up during the winter season without giving up the exclusive design of the Squid Game series, not bad right?

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