Pokémon: Developers are not afraid of criticism

Pokémon: Developers are not afraid of criticism


On November 19, Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl will officially land on Nintendo Switch even if in recent days some lucky ones have already been able to get their hands on them. The two remakes of one of the most beloved generations are certainly not what fans expected with a "chibi" graphic that has never impressed longtime fans since its very first announcement.

For several years now the Pokémon series has suffered harsh criticism from gamers all over the world, some of which are absolutely sensible and others are definitely exaggerated. A Pokémon Company executive explained that the developers of the titles have "tough skin" and have grown accustomed to the reviews they receive every day.

Marketing director J.C. Smith took a couple of pebbles off his shoes talking about the criticism he received from the company. “We have a group of creators and professionals working at The Pokémon Company who have faced situations that are nothing short of unpleasant. The boys therefore have tougher skin than many other people from other companies ”. Smith added that the team consults practically every day with clear ideas to develop, obviously also taking into account all the feedback received from fans. Their goal, basically, is to find a right way that puts the developer and the buyers in agreement.

It is to be considered that Pokémon Sword and Shield have received all kinds of judgments, some of which are truly acceptable. We therefore hope that both the two remakes arriving in a week but above all the highly anticipated chapter arriving at the end of January can somehow reassure the fans. What do you think of these statements? How do you relate to the Pokémon games? Let us know yours with a comment below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to stay tuned to our pages to find out all the possible details.

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How many Pokémon are there?

SINCE its creation in 1996, Pokémon has taken the world by storm.

With many Pokémon being added to their Pokedex every year, how many are there in 2021?

Stars of popular Pokémon anime.


Stars of popular Pokémon anime.Credit: Alamy

Currently, there are 898 Pokémon in total, with the last Pokémon introduced on September 28, 2021.

There are a total of eight generations of characters with Calyrex being added to Generation VIII, a psychic and grass type.

On average, generations last between three to four years.

Generation VIII was integrated in 2019.

Generation IBulbasaur was part of the First Generation Pokemon


Bulbasaur was part of the First Generation PokemonCredit: Handout

The very first Pokémon to be introduced was Bulbasaur, as part of the First Generation.

Since their introduction, further iconic Pokémon such as Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu have been released.

Pikachu has became a staple character for the brand and is often the face of Pokémon.

Pikachu is not only Ash's companion in the anime series but was also the main Pokémon in the 2019 live-action film 'Detective Pikachu'.

Generation II

Generation II saw early evolutions of Pikachu, Clefairy and Jigglypuff introduced.

Pichu, Cleffa and Igglypuff respectively are the cuter, smaller versions of themselves.

Generation III

A whole host of Ghost type Pokemon were added to the Pokedex in Generation III.

Duskull, who was the featured Pokemon in Pokemon Go's October 2021 Community Day, Banette and Shuppett got their debuts.

Generation IVGeneration IV


Generation IV's Lucario proved very popularCredit: Handout

In 2020, The Pokemon Company released results on who fans had voted for as their top 15 Pokemon.

Both Lucario and Garchomp from Generation IV got a mention, with the former coming in second.

Generation V

Generation V comes with the most Pokémon.

A total of 156 Pokémon was added to the Pokedex.

The Dark-Dragon-Type Pokémon Hydreigon, an evolution of Deino and Zweilous, is one of the more commonly used Pokémon from this generation.

Generation VI

Greninja was the Pokémon to claim the top stop in the 2020 fan poll.

The water-type is most memorable for being part of Ash's team in the anime series.

Generation VII

Mimikyu is a Ghost-Fairy-Type who tries to disguise themselves as Pikachu.

Unfortunately, the costume just makes the Pokémon look less cute and more scary.

Generation VIII

It's no surprise that Dragapult is a fan-favourite due to it being a Dragon-Type.

Not only is Dragapult also a Ghost-Type but it's the full evolution Pokémon from Dreepy, also introduced in this generation.

Toxtricity, an evolution of Toxel, has abilities that include Punk Rock, meaning they can used sound to their benefit.

Pokemon release official trailer for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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