November with a bang! 8 Amazon coupons not to be missed!

November with a bang! 8 Amazon coupons not to be missed!

As you know, Amazon's Early Black Friday started in November. An event that, started on the 8th of this month, will accompany us for a couple of more days, serving as an appetizer to what will later become the actual Black Friday 2021. In short, there is really no better time to shop online, especially if you want to take advantage of it to buy what are the gifts for the next (and highly anticipated) Christmas.

The beauty is that in this sea of ​​offers, yes they also add the excellent discounts obtainable thanks to the famous Amazon coupons. Discounts that can be activated through a code, or often just by checking a specific box on the product page, and thanks to which you can further save on the purchase price!

In short, even the Amazon coupons are a fringe of the offers of the portal that should not be underestimated at all, and it is surprising when to enjoy this privilege even products already discounted, which can then be purchased with a double cut at the price, for a saving that already has the flavor of the great discounts of the expected Black Friday.

Below, therefore, we have collected for you some of the most interesting coupons that have found a place on Amazon with the beginning of November, with the promise to expand this selection as soon as new coupons will be made available by the store.

Before proceeding, however, we want to remind you once again that, thanks to our four Telegram channels dedicated to discounts, you will have the possibility ability to stay up to date on unmissable opportunities, both during Black Friday and the rest of the year. The channels are thematic and are dedicated to offers in general, hardware & tech products, clothing and sports products and finally Chinese products.

Lefant M210B robot vacuum cleaner

Coupon: € 90 discount

This is undoubtedly the deal not to be missed, since we are talking about a coupon that can reduce the cost of the product by 90 euros! And what a product! In fact, we are talking about the Lefant M210B robot vacuum cleaner. A useful and functional ally for the fight against dirt, whose original price is € 239.99 but which, already at this moment, is discounted on Amazon for € 219.99. To this, as mentioned, is added a coupon that can be activated on the page which, until November 18, will guarantee you a further cut at the price of 90 euros, bringing this item to the cost of just € 129.99! A bombshell price, especially considering that Lefant, for some time now, has been considered a very valid alternative to the most well-known names on the market, especially thanks to the care and quality that the company instills in its products. The M210B robot vacuum cleaner is no exception, and with its very low price it will allow you to take home a powerful and functional robot, capable of effectively mapping your home, and cleaning it continuously for 100 consecutive minutes! Controllable via app, it even supports voice control of Amazon Alexa which, for an article that does not even reach 150 euros, is not to be underestimated!


Libra smart Yunmai

Coupon: € 33 discount

One of the best coupons of the month (at least until now), which will allow you to buy a splendid and functional smart scale for just € 16.99. in different colors from the emerging brand Yunmai. An article that, at least originally, would cost the beauty of € 49.99, but which, thanks to a coupon that can be activated directly on the page, can be yours with a discount of 33 euros! Capable of monitoring 13 types of body composition data, including lean mass, body water and basal metabolic rate, this scale can simultaneously record up to 16 different profiles, and thanks to a special app, which can also be synchronized with Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health will offer you the opportunity to monitor your health, offering you convenient advice on how to improve your physical well-being. Made of tempered and non-slip glass, it is light, resistant and precise, and has an autonomy of 180 days! In short, a bargain!


Soundcore Life Q30 wireless headphones

Coupon: € 20 discount

Beautiful and elegant, the Soundcore Life Q30 are light and performing wireless over ear headphones, originally sold at a price of € 79.99, and today can be purchased with a discount of 20 euros, thanks to the coupon on the product page. An excellent offer, active until November 18, and thanks to which you can give (or treat yourself to) a pair of good quality wireless headphones, equipped with 40 mm drivers, with a sound extension up to 40 kHz . Equipped with an excellent noise cancellation system, the Soundcore Life Q30 detect and filter up to 95% of the low frequency ambient sound, and thanks to their double microphone, one for each pavilion, they allow not only to listen to music, but also to make clear and clean calls. Capable of playing music continuously for 40 consecutive hours, they require just 5 minutes of charging for 4 hours of music. Difficult to do better for less than 60 euros!


PrettyCare cordless vacuum cleaner

Coupon: € 30 discount

Based on what is now the classic design inaugurated by Dyson, this PrettyCare branded vacuum cleaner is not, in reality, a mere copy of well-known products, but an article more than capable of having its say, even after its starting price of just € 129.99. A very low cost, especially considering the world of cordless vacuum cleaners, whose average price is much higher. Equipped with a suction power of 20 Kpa, and a 180 W motor, the PrettCare vacuum cleaner is convenient but very functional, and represents, for example, an ideal choice for those with a small apartment. The fact, then, that until November 20 enjoys a coupon that can be activated directly on the page, only makes this product even more attractive, since thanks to it you will pay only € 99.99 which, trust me, is a really great price. for this type of appliance!


Hand cream: Christmas gift set

Coupon: 10% discount

A set that can be a comfortable and nice gift idea for Christmas! Sold at a price of only € 16.99, but available with a 10% discount applicable directly on the page until December 28, this set includes 10 different creams, with fragrances such as orange, coconut, green tea and chamomile. Produced with plant extracts, they are suitable for all skin types, and are specific for hand care, not to be underestimated in autumn and winter when, between ice, cold and rain, the skin tends to crack and weaken. The bottles, all with a Christmas theme, are 28 grams each which, as you will guess, makes them perfect to always carry with you, even when traveling!


Aigoss S1 Bluetooth speaker

Coupon: 20% discount

Small, compact, yet clear and powerful, this Bluetooth speaker is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a speaker portable and light, but able to offer good sound quality at a very reasonable price. Equipped with two 40mm drivers, the small Aigoss S1 speaker offers a power of 3W, more than enough to listen to music on the go, at home or on the go, and able to animate a small or medium-sized room with sound clean and enveloping. Sold for € 21.99 in itself would already be a bargain, also because we are talking about a speaker that, in addition to the Bluetooth connection, supports TF cards / U Disk to read and store music files, and even has an integrated FM radio module. Not bad, but even better if you take into account that on Amazon it is sold at a discount of 20% which, as you will understand, also makes it eligible for a gift to give ... or to do.


Shoulder bag Divoom

Coupon: 10% discount

A simply beautiful product that, we are sure, will delight those who go crazy for the most geeky gadgets and technological. Produced by Divoom, a company now known for its curious technological gadgets equipped with LED screens, this shoulder bag has square LEDs on the front which, through a special app on a smartphone, can be modified at will. In this way you can create nice drawings in pixel art, static or animated, which can be modified at will through the application. Very simple to use, the latter is free and offers both the possibility of drawing your own "emoticons", and of choosing from a gallery of ready-made and animated drawings. On sale at € 89.99, it is available on Amazon with a 10% coupon that can be activated on the page, but only by November 21!


Hychika screwdriver drill

Coupon: 12% discount

A perfect opportunity for all DIY lovers, this drill / driver from the Chinese brand Hychika is a solid and functional product, which is sold, by itself, at a very competitive price! We are talking, in fact, of just € 58.99, discounted by Amazon at € 44.99, and to which is added a further discount thanks to the coupon that can be activated on the page of 12%! For about 40 euros, therefore, you can buy a drill equipped with a 12 V and 1.5 Ah rechargeable battery, complete with a carrying case and a set of drilling and screwdriving bits. There is nothing more to say: it is a deal that should be seized immediately, even in anticipation of a possible Christmas gift!


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