Microsoft Loop revolutionizes Office for Smart Working

Microsoft Loop revolutionizes Office for Smart Working

Microsoft Loop is the new system developed by the well-known company from Redmond to facilitate Smart Working with Office, giving users the possibility to share, copy and paste content from various applications.

As reported by colleagues from The Verge, just like Fluid, Microsoft Loop is made up of three main elements: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspaces. The former are content that can exist on multiple apps, updated in real time and free for anyone to access (for example, notes in a calendar entry that are also available to be pasted into Outlook and edited in real time within an email). These components can also exist in the main Microsoft Loop hub, within what Microsoft calls shared Loop workspaces. Basically, they are a sort of bulletin board, where you can see all the Loop components and the pages of all those who are using them.

The Loop pages are the single screens where people they can share and collaborate on Loop components. In essence, they act like whiteboards where you can insert and share components that people have created outside of Loop. Not everyone even needs to be part of the entire Loop page, as individual components could be edited in real time by other apps.

Thanks to a central Microsoft Loop hub, you can track and organize your Loop components , so as to make life (and work) easier even for those who work at a distance from their home, optimizing time and increasing productivity. Microsoft's introductions have been pretty compelling, but you'll need to try these first hand to see if they really deliver the seamless experience they promise.

Microsoft Loop components will arrive in Teams, Outlook and OneNote this month, while the main Microsoft Loop program will be released at a later date.

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