Mass Effect 5: Analysis and Theories on the Fascinating Teaser Image

Mass Effect 5: Analysis and Theories on the Fascinating Teaser Image

Mass Effect 5

During a quiet celebration of N7 Day, the day dedicated to all Mass Effect fans, BioWare revealed a brilliant teaser for the next chapter of its sci-fi saga.

A detailed image was in fact posted on Twitter and, soon after, it also appeared on the EA website in high definition. Needless to say, this surprise move did nothing but fuel the speculation among fans around the world, who immediately launched into the analysis of every single pixel.

Mass Effect will continue .. .

Watch on YouTube. At first glance, the image depicts an impact crater seen from above, with a ship very similar to those of the typical Mass Effect imagery parked right below. Four figures appear to have exited the ship to approach the crash site and a piece of debris in front.

First of all, let's take a look at the area affected by the impact. The entire shape of the image seems deliberately designed to look like a geth's head (on closer inspection, in fact, that debris in front of the crater on the right appears to be a geth corpse lying on its side).

The object in the center of the crater looks metallic and may have markings engraved on it. Is it a crashed ship or a huge galactic bullet hole caused by an ancient war? And why does the area in the center look so cool? Has it been recently excavated?

Looking at the figures in front of the ship, it is clear from their shape that one is a krogan. The krogan's armor is red, a factor that to some fans might suggest it is Wrex. Could it chronologically work? Krogan can live up to 1000 years, so yes, even if that would mean that BioWare has chosen to make canonical a narrative plot in which Wrex survived the events of the trilogy.

It is difficult to distinguish the other figures but their armor appears to be in the white, blue and gray colors of the Pathfinders / Andromeda Initiative. Bizarre.

Moving on to the ship, it is clearly a new design, never seen before in the series (although the profile is reminiscent of that of the Normandy and the Tempest). Previously published artwork showed a smaller, more rugged-looking vehicle that BioWare dubbed the "Mudskipper". It is clear, however, that this is not the case.

The suggestion, therefore, is that this is the main ship with which players will be able to explore the next game in the series, perhaps at an advanced stage, after gaining a little more freedom. Will it also be able to cross the space between galaxies to allow the jump between the Milky Way and Andromeda? Perhaps but not without the use of some other technology unknown to us.

The previous vessel, 'Mudskipper' Zooming in further we can see what appear to be cannons mounted on the front of the new ship, which is interesting since the Tempest was much more than an exploration ship. Also, since this game will apparently be set in a post-war era with the Reapers, does that mean we won't be in a time of galactic peace?

Finally, the ship is branded with the letters " SFX "(similar to how the Normandy was referred to as" SR1 ", which stood for Special Reconnaissance 1). As Mass Effect superfan Shinobi pointed out, this is likely a nod to the original codename of BioWare's first Mass Effect: SFX.

Another cool little Easter egg: the abbreviations seen on the ship are "SFX ", which was the project codename for the original Mass Effect all the way back in 2003.

- Shinobi602 (@ shinobi602) November 7, 2021 This content is hosted on an external platform , which will only display it if you accept targeting cookies. Please enable cookies to view. Manage cookie settings Some fans claim they also see another body on the crater rim:

A body perhaps?

- Madi Parlett? (@ Madi7O_O7) November 8, 2021 This content is hosted on an external platform, which will only display it if you accept targeting cookies. Please enable cookies to view. Manage cookie settings What happened here? Were the geth investigating this crash site long before the SFX ship appeared? And why are we going back to the geth now, after their history with the quarians is over?

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Perhaps this relates to what we discovered about the geth in Mass Effect Andromeda: They were using mass relays as giant telescopes to scan nearby galaxies ... and perhaps they knew more about the universe than they did. had hinted. Last year's teaser trailer heavily implied that the game's story would feature elements from both galaxies, and perhaps that's what Liara and her team are investigating now.

The geth have seen something too else while scrutinizing the Mass Effect universe? Something now threatening both the Milky Way and Andromeda? And will we see the geth alive again or will BioWare choose to canonize the destructive ending of the trilogy?

All we know for sure about the upcoming Mass Effect is that it will deal with the game universe long after the events of the Reaper War (when Liara is older) and therefore when many other characters from the original trilogy are no longer around.

BioWare is keeping things rather vague but there is still a long time to go before this game is released. The next Mass Effect, whatever its name, is not expected to launch until sometime after Dragon Age 4, which itself isn't slated for at least another year.

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