Black Friday 2021: Nintendo Switch and accessories

Black Friday 2021: Nintendo Switch and accessories

Black Friday 2021

If you've been waiting for the best time to buy Nintendo Switch, you won't find a more perfect one than this Black Friday 2021. The latest Nintendo console has long since shaken off the nickname of "console for children" by expanding its multi-platform offer and enhancing the exclusive stable. Buying Nintendo Switch today means taking home exclusives such as Metroid Dread, Zelda BOTW, the games of Mario, Kirby, Luigi and all their "mushroom" company, but it also means being able to enjoy all the best titles of recent years such as Doom Eternal, Control or The Witcher 3. Not to mention the infinity of splendid indie games that you can find on the console from Hades to Cuphead via Katana Zero.

In short, Nintendo Switch is now a console capable of satisfying every type of gamer, both in terms of game preferences and game modes. Currently, in fact, the Nintendo device is the only one that allows you to play both in classic home console mode, that is connected to a TV, and in a portable way and more. In fact, there are 3 different models of Nintendo Switch: classic, Lite and OLED able to satisfy all budgets of gamers. We all know the classic Nintendo Switch by now and it represents the basic version of Nintendo's playful offer, a hybrid console that allows both portable and television gaming (by the way, here you will find the best FULL-HD for consoles). Nintendo Switch Lite is the exclusively portable version of the console, so it does not have the base for connecting to the TV and cannot be connected to the latter. Nintendo Switch OLED, on the other hand, is the latest addition to Nintendo and is the best model in terms of visual quality. It is in fact a classic Nintendo Switch enhanced with an OLED screen, wider and able to bring out lights and colors in a way never before seen on the Nintendo hybrid.

This year Amazon has decided to make the big things and thanks to Early Black Friday you can already find the console, its accessories and Nintendo games at a discount. This article will continuously update with the best offers ona> Nintendo Switch from today until the final discounts of Black Friday 2021, so if you are interested in buying the Switch, save it as a favorite to always have the best offers at your fingertips. Meanwhile, here are the offers on the various Nintendo Switch models and its accessories that you can find online.

Black Friday 2021: the best offers on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The classic, the first Nintendo Switch model launched by Nintendo back in 2017 and now updated to 2021. This console allows you to enjoy both the hybrid mode and the one with dock connected to the TV. It is usually sold at a price of 329.99 euros, but in the offers below you can find it for 270 euros, a good 60 euros less that you can reinvest in one of the many games available for the console (here the best). Or maybe in a new controller or in one of the many accessories on offer that you can find in the final section of this guide. At this price, letting go of Nintendo's little hybrid would be really crazy!

»See Nintendo Switch console offer (Neon)

» See Nintendo Switch console offer (Gray)

Nintendo Switch Lite

If you already have PS5, Xbox Series X or in any case one of the home consoles to play big and are looking for something to improve your mobile gaming experience, then I recommend you save around 80 euros that separate this model from the basic version, and to equip you with a Switch Lite. With this console you can always enjoy the best of Nintendo titles but without the ability to connect the TV. Basically it's like going back to the days of the Game Boy, but better and keeping the whole Nintendo world in the palm of your hand. Also this console is already offered with a discount of almost 30 euros compared to the usual price.

»See Nintendo Switch Lite console offer (Blue)

» See Nintendo Switch Lite console offer (Turquoise)

»See Nintendo Switch Lite console offer (Dialga and Palki)

Nintendo Switch OLED

Finally, the highly sought-after Switch OLED, the ultimate in portable gaming. With this console, improved both in terms of ergonomics and in terms of screen quality, you can play all Nintendo games with superior quality thanks to the potential of the OLED display. Larger than that of the basic Switch, brighter, more colorful and not to mention the speakers that offer even more performing and immersive audio. If you want the best in your Nintendo gaming this is the Switch model you have to aim for, finding it is a bit complex in this period (not as much as it is for PS5) but at the links below you can buy it at the best price on the web. >
»See Nintendo Switch OLED console offer (Neon)

» See Nintendo Switch OLED console offer (Black and White)

Black Friday 2021: best Nintendo accessories and games Switch

If you want to accompany the console with a series of very useful (and discounted) gadgets that will help you transport it, expand its memory, play and improve your gaming performance, here are the best offers on accessories and for Nintendo Switch, which you shouldn't miss.

»See best Micro SD offer for Nintendo Switch

» See best Nintendo Switch case offer

»See offer best Nintendo Switch case

»See offer best cartridge case (Pikachu)

»See Neon Purple and Neon Orange Controller Set Offerings

If you are looking for the perfect games to expand or start your Switch game collection, here are some of the best console exclusives you can already find in super discount: like Pokémon Shining Pearl and Shining Diamond, offered in bundles at the price of one and a half, Metroid Dread, released very recently and yet able to already save you a handful of euros or Luigi's Mansion which at such a price does not go absolutely lost.

»View offer Pokémon Shining Diamond + Pokémon Shining Pearl

» View offer Luigi's Mansion 3

»View offer The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

»View offer Metroid Dread

» View offer Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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