LEGO Technic | The best sets to give at Christmas

LEGO Technic | The best sets to give at Christmas

Christmas is approaching and soon we will be able to enjoy a few days of vacation. Building LEGO sets is a great way to release stress. Building LEGO Technic sets is even more so, because once they're done, they really work. We have selected some of the best for you: are you ready to discover them with us?

The best Christmas gifts from the LEGO Technic line

LEGO Technic # 42129 4x4 Mercedes Off-Road Truck -Benz Zetros LEGO Technic # 42115 Lamborghini Siàn LEGO Technic # 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor LEGO Technic # 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R LEGO Technic # 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE 'AF Corse # 51' LEGO Technic # 42096 Porsche 911 RSR LEGO Technic # 42131 Cat D11 Bulldozer LEGO Technic # 42128 Heavy Crane LEGO Technic # 42123 McLaren Senna GTR LEGO Technic # 42110 Land Rover Defender

LEGO Technic # 42129 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Off-Road Truck

The build model with this set is packed with realistic details and features: opening cab doors and engine compartment hood. Independent suspension on the 4 wheels in sight and functioning, visible gearbox with opening inspection door. The model also includes the replica of the mighty motor complete with rotating radiator fan. For the first time in a LEGO Technic set, we find the differential lock and unlock mechanism. All the functions for maneuvering the vehicle can be controlled with the CONTROL + app for Android and Apple mobile phones.


LEGO Technic # 42115 Lamborghini Siàn

The set allows you to reconstruct the unmistakable power and unmistakable look of the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. The many details reproduced by the model faithfully represent those of the Sián FKP 37 royal, including the attractive lime green livery and gold rims. Authentic features reproduced in the set include the 8-speed transmission, activated via shift paddle shifting, V12 engine with movable pistons and all-wheel drive, working steering and front and rear suspension. Just like the full-size super sports car, this model features scissor-opening doors. Luxury features. The set comes in a luxurious package, which includes an exclusive hardcover volume with building instructions, pictures and behind-the-scenes interviews. Inside the front hood, the unique serial number for each copy of the set that allows you to unlock various exclusive content available online.


LEGO Technic # 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor

The set is the perfect gift for yourself or any Ford F-Series enthusiast. Authentic details include the V6 engine with moving pistons and all-wheel suspension. There are 4 doors that can be opened to be able to admire the interior, along with an opening hood and the truck bed. The model measures over 5 '' (15cm) high, 42 '' (42cm) long and 6 '' (18cm) wide.


LEGO Technic # 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R

It is the first motorcycle model in LEGO Technic history to include a working gearbox, allowing you to have fun experimenting with different speeds and new construction techniques. Other features of this bike include working steering, front and rear suspension to make the motion more realistic, and front and rear disc brakes. The kickstand, exhaust pipe, windshield and dashboard are small and additional details that make this model extremely faithful to the real bike. To complete the set, the classic red livery.


LEGO Technic # 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE 'AF Corse # 51'

Same scale (approximately 1:10) similar racing livery of your team belonging to the Porsche 911 of the LEGO Technic set # 42096 Porsche 911 RSR, the model that can be made with this set reproduces the Ferrari 488 GTE, creator of many victories for the Prancing Horse in the most demanding endurance races in the world. The model includes all the authentic details, just like the original car: front and rear suspension, opening doors, a V8 engine with moving pistons and a working steering wheel. Original stickers and authentic colors recreate the racing livery and add the finishing touches to this fantastic model.


LEGO Technic # 42096 Porsche 911 RSR

Same scale (approximately 1:10) and similar racing livery of the own team belonging to the Ferrari 488 of the LEGO Technic # 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE 'AF Corse # 51' set, the model that can be made with this set reproduces the Porsche 911 RSR, which in this version includes many authentic features, including rear wing with “gooseneck” mounts, large rear diffuser and aerodynamic side mirrors, black spoke wheels and realistic front and rear headlights. It also includes a detailed cockpit, independent and visible differential suspension and a six-cylinder flat engine with movable pistons positioned in front of the rear axle. The accessible cockpit features a radar screen, functioning steering, fire extinguisher and a map of the Laguna Seca circuit printed on the driver's door.


LEGO Technic # 42131 Cat D11 Bulldozer

The set allows you to build a motorized replica of the largest Cat crawler ever. Just like the real Cat bulldozer, the model has been designed in modular sections, allowing the motorized mechanisms to be tested during construction and to identify any assembly errors. The model is controlled via the CONTROL + app: you can drive and steer the vehicle, raise, lower or tilt the blade or move the drill rig and the access ladder to the driver's cab up and down.


LEGO Technic # 42128 Heavy Duty Crane

Packed with details, including the original grille, air filters, lights, tailpipe and the lively combination of colors, is equipped with various pneumatic and mechanical functions to be discovered. Opening the large bonnet you can admire its 6-cylinder in-line engine with movable pistons. The steering, working, is activated with a control placed on the roof of the cabin. It is possible to operate the crane arm, which can be raised or lowered, as well as it is possible to extract and retract the winch or extend or retract the stabilizers. Making its debut in a LEGO Technic vehicle, the model includes the mechanism for raising and lowering the additional axle of the rear wheels, which, just like in the real vehicle it is inspired by, serves to better distribute the weight of the loads that are coupled and towed.


LEGO Technic # 42123 McLaren Senna GTR

Packed with features inspired by the real racing Supercar, includes LEGO Technic replica of the V8 engine with movable pistons, opening dihedral doors, graphics and visible carbon fiber livery of the real car. Functional steering, operated both from the steering wheel in the cockpit and from the HOG (Hand Of God) control located in the center of the roof.


LEGO Technic # 42110 Land Rover Defender

Developed in collaboration with Land Rover, the model included in the set captures the vehicle's design with its clean, modern lines and sculpted surfaces; the model is also equipped with original design wheels and high grip tires, as well as many realistic functions and features. Open the doors to access the detailed cab with a working steering wheel, detailed dashboard and a transmission system with 2 levers for high and low ratios, plus a shifter to select the gear, the most sophisticated LEGO Technic gearbox ever made! The interior is also equipped with folding rear seats that allow you to admire the 4-speed sequential gearbox. And again: 6-cylinder in-line engine with movable pistons under the hood, working all-wheel drive with 3 differentials, independent suspension on both axles and working front winch! It is even possible to open the tailgate by turning the rear spare wheel. Finally, the model includes detachable roof rack with box, pannier, ladder and traction mats.


The sets from the LEGO Technic line have the distinction of adding the thrill of " but will it work? " to the traditional building experience. Unlike other sets, in fact, there is always the "risk" and the possibility of having made a mistake during construction due to which the wheels of the vehicle do not turn, that the steering jams, that a lift arm does not extend etc. . In short, they are sets that do not allow distractions, which makes them perfect anti-stress machines: the concentration they require means that the mind can be distracted from the daily difficulties and at the end of the construction you can exclaim "It works !!!" in addition to the traditional “Finito!”.

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