IVIPRO DAYS 2021, announced dates and program of the event

IVIPRO DAYS 2021, announced dates and program of the event


This year the IVIPRO DAYS 2021 will take place from 25 to 27 November 2021 and will be online only again, after the success of last year. It is an annual event dedicated to video games as a means of promoting the territory and cultural heritage.

IVIPRO DAYS 2021 will be broadcast on IVIPRO's Facebook and YouTube channels and will be completely free. In addition to the dates, the organization has also unveiled the program of the event, which we report below:

IVIPRO DAYS 2021 Program Let's read other details taken from the official press release:

Among the guests Yoan Fanise, founder of the French studio DigixArt and creator of Valiant Hearts, 11:11 Memories Retold and the recent Road 96. His lecture will focus on the experience of the studio and what it means to conceive videogames aimed at a wider audience that address explicit historical issues. and policies. João Brant, from the Brazilian studio Long Hat House, will tell the behind the scenes of Dandara, an indie title full of references to Brazilian culture and inspired by the legendary heroine Dandara dos Palmares, who fought against slavery in the 17th century.

Space once again for interviews: Francesca Montanino, Matteo Sintucci and Mauro Parrinello of Enchiridion will talk about Shakespeare Showdown - With a Kiss I Die, an experimental project that brings together theater and video games. Alessandro Monopoli and Simone Tagliaferri of Dreampainters will take us to Valle d'Aosta with Nascence, a horror adventure in progress set in the same narrative universe as Anna.

Together with the lawyer Raffaella Pellegrino, the applicable legislation will be examined in the case of digital reproduction, within a video game, of cultural assets and works protected by copyright, exposed to public view or kept in places with controlled access. Ilaria Mariani of the Politecnico di Milano will discuss how hybrid or location-based games can exploit immersion, identification and fictional worlds not only to enhance real spaces but also to address issues such as change, social innovation and to speculate on possible futures.

An important English museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, will share its experience with video games through the testimony of one of the curators, Kristian Volsing.

Silvia Faccin (Fondazione Tesoro del Duomo Vercelli), Ivan Blečić (University of Cagliari), Marco will take part in the round table "Italy in videogames: experiences compared between applied games, interactive cinema and VR" Cozza (3D Research) and Massimo Deriu (CRS4).

If in 2020 we had paid homage to videogame Italy through music, this year it will be the turn of illustration: in Postcards from Italy we will make together a journey illustrated in video by 2D Artist Miriam Anconelli.

IVIPRO DAYS 2021 will also host a new virtual exhibition which aims to tell, through texts and images, what it means to create a videogame linked to the territory. A Painter's Tale: A Work Diary will be a real work diary on display, part of a broader project of restitution of the work carried out by the IVIPRO Association which will also be included in a forthcoming volume.

All the info to access the online meetings and the virtual exhibition are available on www.ivipro.it

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