itek, power and efficiency increased in the proposal of high-end power supplies

itek, power and efficiency increased in the proposal of high-end power supplies


Today we present two new high-end power supplies with specifications never previously achieved: PF1200 EVO and GF1000 EVO.

The first becomes the top of the range thanks to a power output of 1200W (never proposed before) and an efficiency which, in tests at 50% load, touches 94% allowing to receive the prestigious 80Plus® PLATINUM certification.

Internally we find a PCB with the best of the components on the market, optimized in the arrangement, Japanese 105c capacitors of very first level, all cooled by a very quiet 120mm FDB “Fluid Dynamic Bearing” fan with thermal control. The "free plug" wiring is completely modular with flat cables. The rough effect chassis is the same as in all our BS EVO, BD, WN EVO and GF EVO power supply series.

At the same time, we also show you the GF1000 EVO which is positioned at the top of the very successful GF EVO range. already on the market with the 650, 750 and 850W versions. Same build quality and same technical specifications, 80Plus® GOLD energy efficiency confirmed, but unlike the variants, with 1000W of deliverable power!

Both models expand an already extensive proposal, but without solutions with these important wattages. The products are already available on the market at official retailers, offline and online, at a suggested price of:

ITPSEPF1200 | Power supply PF1200 EVO - 1200W, 80Plus®Platinum 239.90 € i.i. ITPSEGF1000 | Power supply GF1000 EVO - 1000W 80Plus®Gold 159.90 € i.i. For more information:

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