Intel will also bring Alder Lake to Pentium and Celeron

Intel will also bring Alder Lake to Pentium and Celeron

Two new Intel Alder Lake processors will arrive on the market, to say it is the well-known leaker @momomo_us. According to rumors, although there are no indications from Intel on what the internal architecture of these new CPUs is, everything suggests a new project, based on Alder Lake instead of the old Comet Lake.

The The latest Pentium and Celeron arrived on the market belong to the tenth generation, with Intel having staked everything on i5, i7 and i9 for the eleventh generation, limiting itself to simply slightly raising the operating frequencies of its low-end CPUs, but it seems that now the the company has decided to bring a breath of fresh air to this slice of the market as well.

The new Pentium Gold G7400 and Celeron G6900 will replace the Pentium Gold G6400 and Celeron G5900 respectively. As for the number of cores and threads, it is reasonable to expect a two-core and two-thread configuration for the Celeron, while the Pentium will take advantage of Hyper-Treading technology by being able to offer 2 cores and 4 threads.

As per some versions of the Core i3 and Core i5, these CPUs will also be equipped with only the high-performance Golden Cove (P-Core) cores.

Credit: The operating frequencies and the amount of L3 cache indicated in the table they confirm that the G7400 and G6900 should not be a Comet Lake refresh: the Pentium G7400 has a lower base frequency of 300 MHz compared to the previous G6400, while the Celeron maintains the same operating frequencies; this supports the thesis of the architecture change, since if it were a refresh, the operating frequencies would have been raised as already done in the past.

Another clue is given by the "part numbers" of the CPUs: G7400 and G5900 have codes starting with "BX80715" as well as other Alder Lake CPUs, while Rocket Lake and Comet Lake are respectively "BX80708" and " BX80701 ". The new Pentium and Celeron should, again according to rumors, arrive on the market in early 2022, along with the non-K processors with the Core i5-12400.

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